Blog #70: A Special Blog for Bernie for President

Bernie, this blog was suggested to me and old pappy by your legions of friends out here in the boonies of Idyhoe.


A message for Bassets and all New York Dogs and their Human caretakers regarding New York State’s Demoblican primary to be held April 19th:

My old pappy told me that three “plutocrats” are running in NY’s Presidential Primary! I barked my short shins in excitement! “Which “Plutocrat” should we vote for?” I asked. “Buster, you misunderstood me,” he said. These“Plutocrats” are $million-airs or $billion-airs – people, not dogs. Two candidates are Republicrats, two are Demoblicans, but only one is a person of the people – Bernie Sanders! He’s running a “dogged” campaign and wearing his puppies out,” he explained, “but maybe in vain.”

He also explained that Hillary is ahead in the human polls, but Bernie is “dogging” her path. So, I said, “80 percent of Idyhoe folks voted for Bernie in their recent Demoblican caucus, surely New York State can beat that!!”

“I don’t know,” old pappy said, “ maybe we need to challenge New Yorkers to outdo Idyhoe in supporting Bernie.” I barked my support: “New Yorkers don’t want to finish second to Idyhoe, or Utah, or Wisconsin, or other sadly misinformed “Red” states, which supported Bernie! “By the way, are you sure he’s not related to a Saint Bernard?” I asked.

“I don’t think so,” old pap said, “but I know if Bernie wins the NY Primary, there will be a new bone and a blanket for all doggies and their caretakers, even cats will get a “Friskie” and a new litter box.”

So, here’s a bark-out for all dog-cat-critter caretakers in New York:  VOTE FOR BERNIE on April 19th – Don’t be outdone by those “Red” State Demoblicans!  UNLEASH THE VOTE!!

PS: Watch for my next Blog about Bernie’s plan for Tuition Scholarships for “Obedience Training” for all dogs…I think it’s for Bassets without Assets…I think it’s for all Breeds, but I’ll get back to you on that…BARK ON!!
Cheers, Buster The Ferrari Basset (the term “Ferrari,” of course, the name of a very nice and very fast automobile, was given me by my wonderful artist pal, VA, referring to my quickness in mounting a dinner table and clearing the contents whilst the guests are screaming and/or fainting.

PPS: Please note in the above blog that old pap and I had renamed the political parties some time ago in order to reflect our opinion that there is not a farthing’s worth of difference between them.

Va Businesss Dude 3 sm
That well-known businessman plutocrat.



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