Blog #71: Rumbles in the Big Apple

Well, of course, on Fox “News” it was all about the Republicrats, and The Donald’s more presidential demeanor. Teddy was reported as having a bit of a difficult time, having bad-mouthed New York “values” so much back in Iowa.  On this “fair and balanced” cable channel, the Demoblicans were given short shrift, mainly some sharp jabs at dear old Hillary, as usual, and quick dismissal for Bernie.

Some of the supposedly unbiased stations gave Hillary versus Bernie a tad more coverage, but were mostly disdainful of the disheveled old socialist, as well.

Old pappy and I have given up on even thinking about those Reagan wanna-be’s, since even contemplating one of them being Prez makes one’s head hurt.  So, we watched Secretary Clinton and Senator Sanders parry back and forth, interrupted by those essential commercials, for a couple of hours with the good Secretary doing a major portion of the “parrying!” Pap and I have reported on Mrs. Clinton’s “fleeting acquaintance with the truth” before in our Blog #65, so here we’ll just give a brief observation of last night’s event.

Basically, the Secretary, aside from her usual partial-truth accusations against the Senator, mostly regurgitated her claims of her total lifetime devotion to the less fortunate among our citizenry, and her (always photo-oped) compassion for the victims of 9/11 and all other victims. When it seemed beneficial to her cause, she praised President Obama, but on less favorable items, she claimed to be just a loyal advisor, necessarily conceding to the decisions of her President. Then, her closing argument was a recitation of what she considers her past contributions, claiming that she will continue the progress of her Husband’s and President Obama’s administrations. In our humble opinion, this argument fails to recognize the lack of improvement in the lives of our poorest and most vulnerable citizens during the last 40 or so years.

In stark contrast, Senator Sanders reiterated his vision of a different, more equitable economy and political system for our country. Our younger people naturally wish for Bernie’s vision to be realized because “business as usual” will be devastating to their (and all of our) futures!

Yours, Bus (with old pap back there on the drums).

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