Blog #72: New York, New York – “If you can make it there…”

While the obscene over-heating of the New York primary races continues apace, old pap and I comment on two propositions currently floating in the ether:

Fox “News” makes people stupid. Example: This morning the two doofuses and the “blonde” were criticizing old Bernie for not joining The Don in calling dear old Hillary, “Crooked Clinton.”

It is not just Fox, folks, The Telly makes people stupid. Example: Also, this morning, in an on air interview, Staid and steady Matt Lauer and sweet and stoic Savannah Guthrie were both entreating good old Bernie to say that he would respond in kind to (someone’s??) anticipated Russian and Chinese spending of Trillions on a new Nuke arms race. This kind of thinking (constantly encouraged by the Military/Industrial Complex – M/IC) is how good old Ron Reagan bankrupted the Soviet Union. As we’ve pointed out before, he also bankrupted our good old U.S.ofA., as well. We just still had CREDIT, which we’ve just about all used up now! If those bloody bankers sink the economy again, we’ve got nothing left, even if who ever is in charge wants to bail them out again!!

If you wish to see further evidence on The Telly’s nefarious efforts, check out the myriad of drug and other “ads” which occupy as much space as “news.”

Editor’s Note: Fortunately, the old Bern doesn’t fall for this type folderol.

2. The “System” is “Rigged. Now, good old Don is crying about the RNC’s delegate system. This accusation from a guy who has “rigged” every “deal” he’s ever made by “greasing the system” with cash. Bernie, thank goodness, doesn’t stoop to such bunk, though it is quite obvious to anyone that the DNC has done all in it’s power to anoint Hillary while dismissing the “rumpled old socialist!”

How Sad, could it be that we can’t elect a leader or legislators without big “bribes” being offered (and normally graciously accepted)? An absolutely innocent appearing NBC White House Coorespondent, Kristen Welker, mentioned on the “TODAY” show that poor Mrs. Clinton “has to” raise money the “old fashioned way.”

Now, not just to “blow our own horn,” but to reiterate the point, if you will go back and scan a couple of my early Blogs from August 2014, #24 – Are The Markets Rigged? Is the Pope still in Rome? and #25 – Is the Whole Bloody Game Rigged? Yes, the Pope’s Still in Rome!, you will find that old pap and I warned y’all about such political and economic manipulation way back before this simple-minded Prez election season!

Old pap and I encourage y’al to get out there and vote for Bernie’s revolution tomorrow. There’s not much time left.


Hopefully, Buster and pap.


  1. This certainly is an eye-opening time, Buster, when the rigged party system is impossible to miss despite biased reporting. It’s clear that Hillary’s candidacy is a certainty with potentially disastrous consequences. I cant’ in good conscience vote for her and won’t – and I know many, many others feel the same way. And what would happen if Donald wins?


  2. Dear Carol, Thank you for your thoughtful comments. My old pappy says that we all may have to attach a clothes pin to our nose and go vote for Hillary because the alternative would be so “Donald” awful. Then, we’re hoping the young people who old Bernie has awakened will somehow form a new political movement aimed at finally making our old country “fair.” Wouldn’t it be wonderful if all our inhabitants could be treated really equally? That would be about 260 years late, but, as the old saying goes, better late than never! Thanks again, Buster.


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