Blog #76: Gearing up for Independence Day (Sales)

Good Grief, old pap’s becoming as cantankerous as that old socialist politician! I had to promise him to have a look at the fab offerings of our generous merchants touted for Pappy’s Day, closely followed by (Yep) the good old 4th! Mercy, they’re talking, not 10 or 20%, but 40, 50, 60, or even 70% off!!!! This is unheard of, and can only be happening due to our well-informed public’s responses to The Donald’s inspired rhetoric! God help us, wherever You are, Girl.

Well, the primary voting process seems to have come to a merciful end, providing us voters with two gosh-awful choices:

On the Republicrat side, we have the most proficient con artist to come along in many a year who subscribes to the old P. T. Barnum theory that a sucker is born every minute. (the phrase, often attributed to Barnum, is thought to have been spoken by his competitor, David Hannum, while disparaging old P. T.) Anyway, my old pappy’s fav mag, The Week, which always presents controversial news items from varying view points, in a piece titled, Trump: The volatile psyche of a potential president, had every snippet questioning the man’s ability to speak the truth, and essentially his very sanity, even including one from the Wall Street Journal. Of course, that reporter couldn’t help a clever little dig at the other side, “He’s out-Clintoning the Clintons.”

Then, after an unforeseen challenge, emerges a lady who has been burnishing her bona fides for holding high office since grammar school, ostensibly performing many great works of public charity, as the Demoblican champion. There is much controversy regarding this candidate, as well, much of it centered on “those damned emails.” These messages, as almost every breathing citizen by now knows, involved unprotected “secrets” of the State. The Military/Industrial Complex (M/IC) of course, would have you believe that it is constantly developing amazing new weapons such as the Navy’s planned supergun to be able to fire a projectile at 4,500 miles per hour. However, most if not all, military “secrets” are more or less imaginary. One can google how to make an A-bomb for goodness sakes. So, though the “secrets” which Secretary Clinton is supposed to have handled so carelessly were probably esoteric comments about foreign dignitaries, political rivals, “friends,” etc., the whole mess does kinda call into question the lady’s basic judgement.

So, there you have our plight. How to choose between two arguably flawed and unpopular candidates. Well, you can bet that most votes for this presidential selection will be done on the basis of the voter’s political party affiliation. The rest of us must just hold our noses, and pull the lever for who we believe to be the least of the evils.

If my old pappy and I were religious dudes, who believed that somehow there existed a God-person, we’d be thanking Her for providing us with the crazy old socialist. Old Bernie did a little streaming thingy on Thursday night mainly for his 2 & 1/2 million new best friends (that’s us cats who made at least 12 million individual donations (averaging the now famous 27 bucks apiece) to his campaign. In an amazing 22 minutes the old feller listed at least a couple of thousand things in our political system which need immediate reformation. Bernie’s Revolution needs to have started about 45 years ago. Better late than never though!

Old pap and I were mostly convinced that Bernie & Company would need to begin a brand new party in order to make any sense out of our tangled politics, but the wise old owl seems to believe he and his wise-beyond-their-years minions may be able to save the Demoblican bunch from themselves. We suppose this may be possible if only because good old FDR was able to cajole them into quite a bit of decent legislation back in the early 30’s, helping recover from the Great Depression. Will he and the youngsters have time to transform the party from its lethargy and corruption which has crept in over the last half century or so in time to avoid a repeat of ’29-’33? That is one heck of a question which we all better danged well hope can be answered positively!

Old pap and I have attempted to warn y’all many times before about the criticality of our situation here in the good old U.S.ofA., most of our warnings, of course, falling on deaf ears. At the moment there is one apparently porn-crazed “economist” who is absolutely convinced that the confluence of corporate greed and government ineptness has brought us to the very precipice of the worst catastrophe since the Great Depression. Now, we must note that he is concurrently peddling his “economic newsletter.” However, as you have hopefully read right here on my lil ole blog, the bankers are back to doing all they can to wreck the country (with the Republicrats trying to protect them from those “damned” regulations), and the Gov has basically nothing left in its bag of tricks to save us. If Bernie and his gang are stymied, we may have no one to turn to save that God-Girl you hear so much about in certain circles.

Hang in there kiddos, Bus & ole pap.

PS: Old pap caught a few laps of good old Fox “News” the other day, and it was as ugly as ever. The two diffuses and the leggy Blond were lamenting the Demoblican effort to pass a scotch of sensible “gun” legislation. You can go to Fox one morning and see the awesome threesome for yourself. Please be careful though since Fox is reputed to make people stupid. Many of their regular viewers, of course, may not need any help in this regard.

PPS: This just in (OR) as that “fair and balanced” outfit would say, “FOX NEWS ALERT” (they even say that to introduce a weather change): 
Old pappy’s good friend. Eva Jo, currently domiciled way up in Moscow, Idyhoe was lucky enough to Bern It Up at the Idyhoe State Demoblican Convention this past weekend as a Bernie Sanders delegate from Latah County. She, having just blown into town (Boiseeeee, that is) is fairly gushing with enthusiasm due to the inspired feelings from the meeting. She soundly believes that the passionate action for truth, transparency, driven justice, and reform may just be the fire to insure that Bernie Sanders and this revolution are still in the running. Many of the Sander’s delegates pledged to continue the fight; the ones that were selected to go to Philadelphia, plus the ones that are going back home and planning to run for a local office.

In fact, after Bernie’s message on Thursday night which we mentioned above, about Seven Thousand of his supporters signed up to run for local offices across our good old U.S.of A. This extraordinary (Bernie’s own word) response is an omen; good people can be convinced that our horribly corrupted political system can indeed be changed (revolutionized, if that’s a word)!

Remember that song, “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised.” (If you ain’t seen this 70’ classic, google it right now) So, don’t waste anymore time on faux news, and get out and talk to your neighbors because, as old pap’s friend says. “we shall overcome.”
Editor’s note: Wouldn’t it be fantastic if we bedraggled voters could have a chance to vote for people we felt good about, instead of always having the terribly unpleasant choice of horrible or worse?

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