Blog #81: Fox “News” is in the real news.

Guess what, it’s official! Seems the infamous architect of Fox “News,” good old Roger Ailes, has been given his golden parachute (rumored to be $40 Mil) after a sexual harassment lawsuit was filed by one of his former “reporters” at the station. Amidst an internal investigation, several other ladies have come forward with similar complaints, including, it’s rumored, the exciting and witty “star,” and now big Trump supporter, Megan Kelly. Hopefully, this news doesn’t surprise very many people.

In the meantime, the two duffuses and the leggy blond are now moving back to full time Hillary bashing, breaking the “news” that (an email) now proves that the Demoblican preliminary process was rigged against old Bernie. Well, old pap and I told y’all about this stuff way back when I had to rename the parties, because there isn’t a farthings worth of difference between them. Those foxy “newsters” are just trying to aid the Trumpster in getting a couple of Bernie’s supporters to jump ship and vote for the old con man. Fortunately, these kids aren’t that stupid because they don’t watch Fox “News.”

Speaking of how Fox makes people misinformed and yes, stupid, while they were polling a “focus” group about the Frump man’s speech, one guy shouted, “Yeah, and our military budgets have been cut and cut by Obama.” While there has been some relatively minor reduction to our “defense” spending, it was due to the “sequestration” thingy agreed to by both parties, as well as getting mostly out of Iraq and Afghanistan. We are still spending as much on the military as the next seven countries combined! So, the Don wants to rebuild???

So now, without old Roger, Fox will continue attempting to spread fear and hate among their viewers. Supposedly, they are the most watched cable “news” outlet in the nation. The good news is that most people don’t get their “news” from the ubiquitous Telly, so the ignorance promulgated by good old Fox “News” thankfully is mostly limited to the horny old men who love those ridiculously short skirts under which old Roger was want to peek.

All this stuff is too ridiculous to be happening, yet………..

Ouch, can’t wait for this week’s convention, Bus & his teetering old pappy.

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