Blog #82: Back from the “other side,” with late notes on The 2016 Demoblican Convention – 29 July, and the continuing “race.”

Hello, again, my loyal followers, old Buster here with your fav (I hope) Hound Doggie and loyal pappy Blog. Hopefully, too, y’all noticed that pap and I were absent sans leave for a few weeks. My chief typist and financial advisor, pappy, had a short visit to our world famous St. Lukes Hospital, wherein he was diagnosed with a heart malady the nurses cheerfully call, “A. Fib.” Later, when he mentioned this situation to some of his old co-workers back east, the response was all sympathy, “Waddaya mean A Fib, you old fool, you used to tell a dozen of them a day!”

Anyway, here is our delayed report:

I gotta tell ya – I’ve had my old pappy getting up before the boidies to catch some of the “fair and balanced” news “reporting” on that totally “impartial” cable station, Fox “News.” Well, even an old hound dog can tire of smelling that kind of stench! Tuesday morning after the first day of the Demoblican meeting, the two dufusses, who I’ve decided to rename, “Dumb and Dumber,” started right in on the horrible disarray in the DNC, regurgitating their lines about the shocking emails proving that their primary system was “rigged.” Then, the younger dude, officially named, Tucker (wanna bet he didn’t eat his pablum with a silver spoon?), but who I will assign, Dumber, declared that Bernie had completely abandoned his principles and his supporters to become the obedient soldier for the Demoblicans. Now, while your telly normally presents you with lots of really stupid folderol, young Dumber regularly sets new standards for ignorance with bravado!

Interestingly, it appears that good old Roger wasn’t the only chauvinist piggy in the good old Fox chicken house. More ladies are coming forth with tales of inappropriate male behavior throughout the organization! Is anyone surprised?
So, good old Dumb and Dumber may be a tad worse than just plain stupid!

So, now the Demoblicans have had their big party, and boy, do those silly emails (courtesy of our Rusky pals; do you think they like le Don?) bear out my contention that, “There isn’t a farthing’s worth of difference between the Demobs and the Repubs. The Dem’s gathering certainly had as contentious a beginning as the Repub’s, but overall it remained a good bit kinder and gentler than the Trumpster’s garish extravaganza.

Old pap and I thought Bernie did a masterful job of party peace-making, emphasizing the platform concessions they had won already. He first thanked his supporters for all they had done during the primary process, asking them to vote for the revolution in the roll call, and promising to lead the fight for the revolution on into the future. He also reminded everyone regarding the truth about our current economy: the policies of the previous administration had led to the 2007/8 crash which was the worst economic disaster since the Great Depression, and while the recovery has been excruciatingly slow, old Prez Obama helped save the world’s financial systems from ruin and brought our own country back from the precipice with nothing but obstruction from the Republicrats. He also pointed out, again, for the diehard Trump lovers wallowing in their ignorance, that it was old Georgie W. and Co. and their wars in Iraq and Afghanistan which led to the ISIS horror. The Trumpster’s current chant of “Obama, founder of ISIS” is, of course, as is most if not all of his rhetoric, pure hogwash.

Bernie then made his strong case for Hillary, listing her many contributions to our less fortunate citizens, such as her work with the Childrens’ Defense Fund, Health care coverage for kids, help for families of Veterans, etc. He concluded forcefully that based on her ideas and leadership, he endorsed her for the office of President of the United States.

Earlier on Monday night, Elizabeth Warren had methodically debunked Donald Trump’s faked claims to great leadership. She perfectly described his modus operandi for achieving his fabulous business “successes,” which included multiple bankruptcies leaving his partners “holding the bag,” and “stiffing” workers and contractors for payments due on his projects. His tendency to overlook the last payment for work became infamously known as the “Trump Discount.” Naturally, she had to mention Trump University, his swell scam promising business success to struggling, but hopeful students, but delivering nothing but disappointment and debt to his hapless students

Setting the tone for the entire convention, Michelle Obama gave a rousing talk about the things making our old country still the greatest nation on earth. In case you happen to be one of his con-ees, Mr. Trump is definitely not one of those things! (Goodness, I can’t imagine one of Mr. T’s con-ees reading my blog, though it would certainly do them some good!)

The nine ladies, called appropriately, Mothers of the Movement, spoke briefly with heavy hearts about their children whose lives had been lost to law enforcement situations, and also reverently appealed for improved community communications and understanding between police and residents. Their respectful pleas were in sharp contrast to the insane ranting of dear old Rudy Giuliani a week or so earlier at the Republicrat convention.

Finally, my good old pap missed the speech by Mr Khan, but thanks to, yep, u tube, was able to watch it as well as Mr. Trump’s “well-reasoned” responses. If anyone still believes that this loose cannon, wild-eyed simpleton should receive their vote for President of the United States of America, it is the humble opinion of myself and my real old pappy that this citizen should seek “professional help” immediately.

As you may already know, old pap and I are not big fans of Ms. Clinton, mainly because of her apparent envy of wealth and privilege. As old Bernie reiterated in his convention speech, this lady has, in her private life, worked very hard for the benefit of less-fortunate folk and especially kids. Unfortunately, her desire to live as her better-off friends do has led her to make some less than exemplary decisions at times, which are now haunting her as the good old Republicrats and their current hero, what’s his name, are quick to bring to the attention of our voters. That said, there is no way the lady can be as evil as her detractors would have you believe; Lucifer can’t be that bad!

So, unless those wily Republicrats manage to get her carted off to the hoosegow before then, we’ll be voting (at least old pappy will be) for good old Hill on election day, and given the alternative, we encourage the rest of our fearless compatriots to do the same.

Buster (and pappy, gently on the drums),

BTW: We are the daily recipients of an online “news” letter called the “Daily Kos.” whose postings are often interesting. For full disclosure, though, this letter is almost as far to the left as Fox “News” is to the right, and many of its postings are pretty “far out.” Occasionally, though, there is a gem hidden there. One such treasure is titled “How the GOP’s Double Life Blew Up in its Face,” written by a corespondent called “Kindler.” This posting details the evolution of the Republicrat Party. If we can get some technical help, we will reblog it for you. Please keep in mind my caution (restated above) concerning the symbiosis between our two parties!


  1. Excellent summary, Buster, old boy. Please tell your pappy we’re glad he’s on the mend and once again fulfilling his “chief typist” duties 🙂


    1. Gosh, Tim, old pappy used to long to be a former Basset owner; as you must know, we are not the easiest pups to live with, but he’s getting used to me now (after 10 and a half years). Of course, since I am now his employer and only source of income, I’m getting a lot more respect from him!!


  2. Excellent summary, Buster, old boy. Please tell your pappy we’re glad he’s on the mend and has resumed his “chief typist” responsibilities. As a former basset owner, I know hard it is for your kind to type with dewclaws 🙂


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