Reposted from Daily Kos – Double Life of the Good Old GOP.

Here’s the link to a recent posting which details the evolution of the Republicrat party’s modus operandi over the last number of years.  Not a really pretty pitcher (that’s Baltimorese).  Howsomever, the author, Kindler, or another of the Daily Kos wags could probably outline a similar case for the good old Demoblican party.  Of course they would need to put aside any bias they might harbor to do so, and would be hard pressed to find similar culprits to old Joe McCarthy, Tricky Dick Nixon, and the Great Communicator, Ronnie Reagan.  Please recall that old pap and I can’t find much more than a farthings worth of difference between our illustrious pol parties.

How the GOP’s Double Life Blew Up in Its Face.


    1. Thanks, Tim, glad you enjoyed the repost. Hopefully, some brave person will do the honors for the old Demoblicans, following how they descended to the unfortunate primary season just passed! Did I note correctly somewhere that you are a Boiseeeee resident?


      1. I don’t throw around a lot of book recommendations, but this repost brought to mind one that I wish everyone could read — Howard Zinn’s classic, “A People’s History of the United States.” In it, Zinn describes in some detail the manner in which America’s ruling class depended on making political allies of poor and middle class white men from the earliest days of our republic — and details some of the ways in which this was effected. It’s a long meaty read, but one I think you would very much enjoy if you’ve never run across it.

        And yes, you are correct — I live in Boise, just up the hill from the ye olde east end, in Foothills East. I’ve even bumped into you and Buster a time or two down at the market. Perhaps one of these days we should grab an egg salad sandwich and shoot the political bull 🙂


  1. Thanks for the recommendation, Tim. I think Buster and I will enjoy this book. Sorry I don’t remember you at the Market, but Buster is normally demanding all my aging attention. Your suggestion of lunch sounds good, but I’m detained by good old St. Luke’s hooks at the moment; naturally they want to see me as much as possible (at least until the insurance runs out). So, I’ll contact you in few weeks when they grow tired of seeing me! Thanks for the reach out! walt and, of course, Le Bus.


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