Tricks to Write Mathematics Exam

Excellent advice for students of any subject! Listen up, Steph, JD, and Amanda!!

Breath Math

We all have a small confusion about math exam! Though we studied as per our own Proper Study Habits. When I ask my students that how do they feel about math test, they usually have no words but they reply ‘scared’.

We have already discussed the following concepts, what are the Do’s and Dont’s in Math ClassProper Study Habits, How to Prepare for Mathematics Learning, Simple Tips to Solve Mathematics Problems and how to utilize Study Holidays. Now, here we are giving few tips and tricks to follow in mathematics exam.

1.Be in the campus before exam timing:

Be in the school/college campus before the exam timing to avoid unnecessary stress. Do not run and rush in last few minutes, with tension you may get confused might not be able to recall everything while writing exam. If something happens and you reach your institution…

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