Blog #83: A Rousing Speech – Anyone Remember a Fellow Named, Hitler?

Don’t misread the title, folks, The Donald can’t be compared to Hitler because Hitler never needed to appear “Presidential;” there was no TV at the time.

Old pappy wasn’t happy, but he watched the whole danged thing, so that we could render our humble opinion, whatever its minor worth. Did that man drone on? Yikes!! I must admit, I finally hit the sack at about the time he brought out his “Angel Moms” – this man has no shame. He drags these Mothers, and a couple of Dads, up on stage to testify that “if Mr. Trump had been President, my son, or daughter, would be alive.” Now, where in the world did they get that idea?

So, the show finally got going. about 45 minutes late, with the “Fox Girls” popping up every so often with, “Mr. Trump will be speaking in just a few minutes, after his triumphant trip to Mexico this afternoon.” Despite old Fox’s gushing approval, Donald’s 10-Point Plan, beginning with “The Great Wall,” was a dynamic duo of wishful thinking and pure BS. That is not to say that he didn’t mention some good ideas, but he spent a lot of time “explaining” “Hillary’s plan, which he seems to have dreamed up himself. You better believe: neither the Don, nor any of his promoters really want to see Hillary in the Slammer – those inept Demoblicans might come to their senses, and put old Bernie back in the game.

This Trumpf dude is surely a masterful manipulator of TV audiences, and he was at his best last night! He sounds almost believable when he tells how he is going to bring the jobs back to us citizens, even though he has made much of his fortune by “out-sourcing” those same jobs. Of course, he is subtly, constantly, stoking our fears regarding the drugs and crime brought into our country by illegal immigrants, while completely ignoring our homemade problems.

Let’s face facts, the lad is the perfect con artist, not even requiring the utterly horrible conditions in Post-WWI Germany, which good old Hitler had going for him, way back when. He is correct about one thing, however, this November 8th is a very important date!

Scoop (that’s my new moniker, from a wonderful fan) & old pap (0008)

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  1. He certainly likes the sound of his own voice and pretending to look presidential on t.v. with his blonde wig and fake orange tan. If only there were some substance behind his arrogant bluster . . .


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