Blog #91: VP “Debate” = Non-Event

Ho Boy, My old pappy’s gripes are hardly limited to the “mizable” aging process, now he’s upset that I need to continue some observations even while doing my special series on the Election. I’d hire another typist if I could afford it!

Anyway, the pundits are mainly bemoaning Tim Kaine’s interruptions during last night’s “debate,” and, though I admit he was a tad overbearing at times, I think it would have been difficult to listen to Mike Pence’s bashing old Hillary, and denying Herr Trump’s ugly rhetoric without retort. Old pap and I thought Mike’s regular grimacing and shaking his head (shades of old Al’s heavy sighs and the Donald’s snorts) were nearly as bad as Tim’s braking in too often. Mike did his own share of interjecting at inappropriate times, and at one point even tried to insert the old California Cowboy’s famous line, “There you go again,” though he substituted “them” for “you,” possibly to avoid any perception of plagiarizing.

Fact checkers have seemed to note a definite preponderance of fibbing on Mr. Pence’s part. A particularly egregious untruth was his claiming that the Clinton Foundation only donates 10% of its revenue to charitable causes, when the fact is nearer to 90%.

Kaine opened his remarks with a spirited statement of dear old Hillary’s lifetime contributions to improving the lives of our less fortunate citizens, and furthering health care, especially for poor children. Perhaps his seemingly intended reminders of Mr. Trump’s many misogynistic and racist comments were unnecessary, though many people have apparently “forgotten” them already!

Pence, for whatever reason, projected an anti-Trump demeanor, remaining mostly calm and collected. Unfortunately, he exuded the condescending calm of an old preacher who knows you’re damned and he isn’t!

Both candidates obviously attempted to promote his own running mate while denigrating the other’s with little real effect either way.

Despite Fox “new’s” Republicratic spin, pap and I don’t believe this VP “debate” “moved the needle” much, if at all. We’d call it a draw!

Peace, Buster (OK, pappy, calm down, like ole Mike)

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