Blog #89B: This Bloody Election – (2nd installment) Our Political System & The Parties

Well, every time you think the tone of this election can’t get any worse – Bam – it does! As of yesterday it is totally, “He said, She said!” The revelation about Mr. Trump’s “locker room chat,” as he calls it, should not be surprising, after all we have already witnessed his boorish attitudes and behavior for over a year now. Mrs. Clinton’s Wall Street leak is also unremarkable since the supposedly “damning” comment about “worldwide open borders” was apparently stated as her “vision.” Visions can be nothing more than the hope for a more idealistic future. The problem with Wall Street is the bankers’ propensity to financial chicanery, not so-called “Free Trade.” That current quagmire is the province of the multinational corporations.

So, how about the system? It’s called democracy, and recently good old Bernie, during one of his “debates” with dear old Hillary, reminded us that it can be a very messy form of government. My ancient pappy noticed an article in the Nation concerning a visit to the United States in 1831 by a French feller named Alexis de Tocqueville, after which he wrote a book which would become a classic, Democracy in America. He noted therein, “A presidential election in the United States may be looked upon as a time of national crisis. As the election draws near, intrigues intensify, and agitation increases and spreads. The citizens divide into several camps, each behind its candidate. A fever grips the entire nation. The election becomes the daily grist of the public papers, the subject of private conversations, the aim of all activity, the object of all thought, the sole interest of the moment.”

Sound familiar? Obviously, a whole lot has changed in our good old U.S.ofA. since 1831, especially after our horrific civil war, but a presidential election still causes a bit of a stir, particularly the present wild one! At present, of course, we have the “two party” system. Old pap and I aren’t qualified to say for sure if the multi-party system in effect in most of Europe is preferable, or if it is even possible here, but it does require more cooperation among differing ideological factions of society. The total gridlock we now experience is a fairly recent development, and, if unabated, almost certainly will eventually cause a major change, such as additional parties.

Unfortunately, for this “Bloody Election,” pap and I believe a vote for a third party candidate could favor Mr. Trump, and even lead to his election, which by now you probably know we believe to be a horrible eventuality. So, what about the “two” parties?

As it stands now, the Republicrats are in a bit of a shambles as the Donald has wrecked all of their earlier plans, though now he must be supported in order to retain many of their base voters. The party itself is mainly the champion of lower taxes and much smaller government. However, we can’t afford lower taxes now because of those inauspicious little wars our military/industrial complex was able to urge upon the hapless lad from Texas and his Republicrat cheerleaders. Pap and I mentioned some time ago that we paid for WWII with a 92% top tax rate; now, the top “earners” are paying a 39% marginal rate, when their tax attorneys are unable to find enough loopholes which our prudent lawmakers have allowed to expand exponentially over the last 30-some years.

A more efficient, smaller federal bureaucracy is a worthwhile goal, but these astute cost-cutters are mainly interested in eliminating the IRS, our only debt collector. Are they mad?

So, that leaves the Demoblicans. Yikes, this crowd has certainly evolved a bit in recent years, also. They still espouse social welfare and equality for all, but seem more interested in maintaining their comfortable elected offices and party jobs. The “establishment” of both parties has, through their complacency, lost large swaths of their constituencies. This gang has been disrupted by this election as well by good old Bernie’s revolution. Unlike their counterpart though, they were able to put down the insurrection, and anoint their favorite lady to the nomination. Hopefully, this will not prove a fatal error, but instead lead to a revitalized force in the further democratization of our good old U.Sof A. This is certainly a potential outcome if Bernie and his kids stick to their work, and compel the party apparatus to adopt much of their revolutionary platform.

Next week to the “issues!” Hope you can hang around, Bus and pap.
PS: We think this quote by that old reporter, Ambrose Bierce, to be apropos.
Brain, n. An apparatus with which we think that we think… In our civilization, and under our republican form of government, intelligence is so highly honored that it is rewarded by exemption from the cares of office.


  1. It certainly is a sorry state of affairs — enough to make moving to a small cabin in remote Canada something of a palatable fantasy. ‘Appreciate your keeping us up to speed, and look forward to the remainder of your series(es). Best, T


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