Blog #90A: That Bloody Fox Cable Thingy -A Series -(a. 1st installment)

An old friend asked my old pappy if he admitted to anyone that he watches this dreadful cable station. Of course, then old pap had to explain that it is me, good old Buster, pappy’s faithful hound doggie, who requires pap to watch those dear old doofuses on Fox. After pap’s explaining that I need him to watch such bunk* in order to understand how it is that so many of us good old Amuricans are becoming so stupid, the old friend retorted, “it’s more like why we are staying so stupid!” Well, either way, we certainly are not learning anything by watching any of the constant fibbing on view at good old Fox!

So, for a short time, we are going to attempt to explain, through examples of the programming, the why of becoming (or just staying) so stupid by watching Fox. This little series will run concurrent with our Blog #89 – This Bloody Election Series. Our use of the term “bloody” is explained in Blog #89, and is applied here for the exact same reason.

Two days ago, Fox was celebrating their 20th Anniversary, by, can you believe it, revisiting all the disasters through the period, which of course at the time they used to scare the daylights out of all their dear viewers. Naturally, at the same time they were conveniently blaming each and every one of those awful events on, you guessed it again, good old Prez Obama. You know, most people and organizations celebrate anniversaries remembering the good things, not these clowns; for them, it’s double time and no canteen on fear mongering! Let’s hope those poor, gullible viewers don’t need to endure another 20 years of such foolishness.

Oh yes, appropriately, that was also the 15th Anniversary of our charging into Afghanistan. Speaking of clowns, the ones at Fox were all over the “creepy clown” fad saturating our streets here before Halloween.

They were also after Hurricane Mathew with a vengeance. They only interrupted the storm coverage for some “new and improved” Hillary email bashing. Their technicians, who are obviously much more competent than their “newscasters,” were even able to divide the screen so the storm could be followed below the larger continual advertisements. That reminds us, those ads are the only thing on Fox containing more falsehoods than their “fair and balanced” political “news” coverage.

Now, on the day of the second “debate,” they are again doubling down on old Hill’s Wall Street speech leaks, with “Open Borders” flashing across the TV screen. These words, we suppose, are one of those “doggie whistles” (I really wish they would stop using our good name for such crap) meant to frighten their listeners about the horrid foreigners pouring into our dear old country, as well as to tie Hillary to open trade which they claim will destroy our economy.

On that touchy topic, my old pap wants to weigh in just a tad. He believes the theory that our Amurican workforce can’t compete, and Amurican industry can’t succeed in world markets is just so much bunk.* Pappy regularly points out to me and anyone who will listen that his old outfit, which is in a very basic industry, is still extremely successful at competing in world wide. Trade agreements do need to be better structured to insure against unfettered “gaming” by trading partners, but trade remains the common bond between nations, and can lead to better understanding and cooperation when thoughtfully negotiated.

Then, that silver spoon lad, good old Tucker Carlson worked diligently this morning to downplay the Donald’s “locker room” trash talk. He claims it’s being over-blown by “the media,” and “it was only a private chat!” As we mention in our “Bloody Election” blog, those comments by the Trumpster shouldn’t surprise anyone since we’ve been witnessing his boorish attitudes and behavior for some time. Good try Tuck, but this guy’s conscience is even smaller than his tiny hands.

Poor old Fox, they had spent a ton on being down at Washington U. in St. Louis where they have gathered the school band and cheerleaders, together with one of the Budweiser Clydesdales for a little pre-debate commercial. Then, they were conflicted by having to defend their randy old hero, and missing the opportunity to really bask in another tragic shooting of three police officers in Palm Springs.

I promised old pappy he could stop watching Fox after we finish this little series which attempts to explain why we should all turn off those danged tellys, especially the so-called cable “news.”

Get on out and talk to your neighbors, Buster and pap.

PS: * Bunk is a word immortalized in pappy’s mind by an old Baltimore City College teacher, Norris Harris. Quote, “The World is full of Bunk.”

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