Blog #92: The Exciting 2nd Presidential “Debate”

Good Morning, America, at least the tiny segment representing my loyal readers. It’s ole Buster Dawg, here just to put his two cents into the crazy Prez Election pot. Some wizard apparently decided to invite internet denizens (those feverishly radical malcontents aligned on both sides of the ideological divide who spend their nights tweeting in very bad English) to participate in last night’s “debate” by submitting questions for the combatants. One well known tweeter happened to be present last night; pap and I are guessing he’s the one who sent in the “damned” email question! There were also about 30 or so people who had not made up their minds invited to attend the town hall “debate.” This group actually asked some relevant questions on important issues.

The Donald, using his “VIP” slots, invited several ladies who had accused old Bill Clinton of dastardly deeds back when he was prez. That’s the trick the Don only alluded to at the last “debate” (graciously protecting Chelsea), but went whole hog this time in order to hopefully offset the revelations about his “locker room talk.” A good con artist will always do whatever he thinks will help him in the moment.

So, how did the evening proceed? Well, beginning with Donald’s repeated non- apology for his ugly remarks, it went downhill from there. On to the bloody emails again, and lots and lots of the Trumpster dissing everything in our good old U.S.ofA., regurgitating his usual diatribe of all our disastrous decisions at home and abroad, laying all blame squarely on President Obama and Secretary Clinton, and, of course, repeating how he is going to make America (by which we guess he means the U.S.) great again. According to Politico fact checking, he did a fair amount of fibbing during his little tirades. Oddly enough, the Donald did an awful lot of sniffing or snorting throughout, much more than last time when some pundits wondered if he was doing cocaine. Maybe the dear boy just had the sniffles; could that render him incapable of speaking in complete sentences? Oh, forgot about all that tweeting where proper English is forbidden!

Mr. Trump claimed to not believe that old Bernie would endorse “the devil,” and also made several attempts to enlist Bernie’s millennials. Hopefully, these kids have better sense than this old fraud.

Several of the “undecided” invitees asked good questions about real issues, and Hillary, as she did last time, displayed her superior knowledge and understanding, despite the Donaldo’s chanting, “She’s got bad judgement; Bernie said so, too.” Is this dude for real?

One of the spectators asked about taxes, but Le Don didn’t offer to release those mysterious returns, though we suppose there really isn’t a need for him to do so now that we know he had the big loss carry forward. It would appear that you can’t go bankrupt multiple times without losing a bunch of money, though we’re still wondering how he was able to carry his partners’ losses over? His really scary plan to cut taxes for corporations and the wealthy is the killer! That, he claims will create “growth” and jobs, but we think that’s just another myth. Hillary was correct last “debate” when she called it, “Trumped up Trickle Down” economics. That proverbial “trickle” has been so slight that it’s just about destroyed our so-called middle class.

One of the old Trumpster’s bigger fibs came in speaking of Syria, etc., when he stated that Russia has been modernizing it’s Nukes, while our nuclear arsenal has badly deteriorated. He’s intrigued with this idea of spending more on the good old Military/Industrial Complex.  Old Ike must be spinning in his grave!

Almost forgot, he’s gonna knock the hell out of ISIS; he has a secret plan which he’ll reveal to the new Generals he hires on day one.

To be “fair and balanced” like old Fox, it should be noted that Hillary, or anyone else doesn’t really have a good plan as yet on how to solve the Putin dude.

On another question:  How would you see yourself working as President, Hillary stated her hope and plan to be a devoted President for all. Good old Donald restated the obvious, “we have a divided nation,” and went on to his bringing jobs back, fixing the inner cities, killing NAFTA and Obamacare, and fixing that tricky tax code which he knows better than anyone. Not that it had anything to do with the question, but he also mentioned Benghazi, Sidney Blumenthal, and claimed he knew, “she has hatred in her heart!” Was he reminded of Jimmy Carter’s self admitted, “Lust in his heart?” Who knows what prompts this fool?

As far as the Supreme Court question, Hillary mentioned finding what she called potential appointees who have “real life experience” and understand people. She wants the court to reverse Citizens United, and protect voting rights, Roe v. Wade, and Marriage Equality. Mr. Trump holds Antonin Scalia as the model and has named 20 possible appointees in his mold, who will uphold the Constitution and the 2nd Amendment. That should please the base.

Then, energy was discussed a tad with Trump shouting that our industry is under siege, reminding everyone that Hillary wants to put miners out of work. Now, her comment about putting Coal companies out of business was quite loose, but she actually has had a plan for transitioning those miners to jobs in sustainable work. Unfortunately, Secretary Clinton isn’t the best at always completing ideas either. She did last night point out her comprehensive energy plan which includes retraining workers and revitalizing the depressed mining industry areas.

Sorry to drone on for so long here, folks, but this performance by the Donald was just too much.

On a lighter note: Ken Bone, the fellow in the fire engine-red sweater who asked his well-worded question on energy policy of the candidates, became an instant internet hero, going from a few “followers” to some 78 thousand overnight.

The last question, by one of the visitors, was a doozy; he asked each debater to state one thing they liked about the other. Donald actually went second and said that he admired Hillary’s never quitting. “She doesn’t give up”, he said, “and I like that.” Hillary, going first, said that she admired his family. Old pappy and I, of course, don’t know whether she was being sincere, but it occurred to pap at that moment that this family reminds him of the old “Munster” family on the telly back in the 60’s. Go ahead, google them, you may agree with pap.

Fox & Friends (how can this outfit have any friends?) keeps insisting that Trump won a resounding victory in this “debate.” You can only say that if you believe screaming insults at the opponent to be proper debate etiquette.

This guy is a 70 year old playground bully who has never matured!

Wow, hadn’t really planned to get into such detail, Bus (come on, pap, we’re outa here)

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