Blog #90B: That Bloody Fox “news” Thingy – A Series. – (b. Second Installment)

Now, the regular morning shows are devoted to defending the Trumpster’s boorish behavior (he’s becoming a load for them, kids), and of course bashing Secretary Clinton and President Obama. You’ve got to wonder what in the world the Clinton’s have done to poor old Rupert. Hi is becoming quite erratic, doing a 180 on ole Trump this cycle; maybe he just likes creepy gropers, gosh, Roger left with 40 mill.

Anyway, the other day at mid-morning, they had good old Gingrich with four of the leggy gals arrayed around him on the big couch. Ole Newt probably thought he’d passed away and gone to heaven. His mission was to advise the old Trump lad not to spend his time attempting to obfuscate his own scandals by reviving old Bill Clinton’s misdeeds, but instead promote Hillary’s wikileaks troubles. Speaking of which, what is that wacko Julian Assange’s mission in life? We certainly have more than enough old Aussie immigrants and infiltrators trying to influence our politics. Vlad, my lad, you are late to the party!

Not particularly germane to the subject, but Brit Hume looks like he’s about to fall asleep while wading through Hillary’s latest email “dump.”

The latest “dump” and Fox’s comments thereon seek to hold Hillary accountable for all the dumb comments her staffer “helpers” have made in the past 30 years.
Tucker, dear boy, this stuff is becoming a complete non-starter! You and your pals there at good old Fox need to get yourselves a life.

Can this grand soap opera get any crazier? Now, that walking dead appearing Donald is tearing a page out of old Bill’s handbook. He’s claiming VICTIM STATUS from what he calls, no, no, not the vast right wing conspiracy, but the Clinton Campaign coordinated attacks of all the ladies coming forward to attest to his boorish behavior! Our “Fair and Balanced” Fox “news” boys and girls are backing him right up, too. They had one of their “experts” asking why that People Magazine gal didn’t print her story back when it happened. Have these fools never heard of workplace intimidation? They certainly have had glaring examples of it right there in their own studio!

Yuck! This stuff is just too much for an old hound dog, come on pappy, that’s enough for today; we’re outa here.

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