Blog #105: Is There A Doctor In The House?

As y’all must be aware, I indicated in my Blog yesterday that old pap and I were becoming quite concerned about our new President’s mental health, considering he seems unable to let go of the Bloody Election, spending the early morning of his first weekday in office worrying about what he claimed was the “lying media’s” understating the size of the crowd at his Inauguration. Well, our concern is about to turn to panic! Yesterday, at a joint meeting of Congress persons at the White House, he spent the first 10 minutes griping that he would have won the popular vote as well, if millions of “illegals” hadn’t been allowed to vote for Hillary.

I’m only an old hound dog, but to me, this fellow sure doesn’t appear to be well! I’m glad I resisted old pappy’s suggestion to give him a bit more rope….he seriously may use it to hang himself, if, in his worried mind, he isn’t shown a lot more respect.

Today, he explained to the Auto Execs that he will change America from being inhospitable to business, to being hospitable big league! Earlier, we thought his favorite term was “bigly??” Either seems a tad weird! Then, he signed a few more of his “executive orders,” one of which will allow the Keystone pipeline to proceed, with the claim that it will provide lots of American jobs, a questionable guesstimate. His knowledge of Native American culture is obviously limited to what he learned as a kid playing “cowboys and indians.”

Our Constitutional checks and balances being negated by The Republicrat’s improbable vault to near-total control of Congress; there is small chance of their exercising prudence, and reining in the proposed excesses of the Yuge Orange Mass and his Cabinet from Hades, much less of their suggesting that he see a Psychiatrist.

Unless the Demoblicans can get their disjointed act together, and fast, our only hope is that the dude who possessed the astounding prescience to foretell the Bloody Election result will also be accurate in his prediction of the Trumpster’s being impeached within six months of taking office.

A ramdom thought…in a less technologically advanced era, would Kellyanne’s “alternative facts” have been considered “fibs?” Or, as good old Dan Rather recently spoke, “A lie, is a lie, is a lie!”

Hang on to your hats, Ole Buster with old pappy on the old Corona.

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