Blog #106: Surreal

First – A Correction – Yesterday’s Blog should have been numbered 7-17.

I may need to give old pap a little time off; either this typing job is a tad too strenuous for the old feller, or the idiotic wreckage emanating from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is starting to get to him. This morning he had trouble getting back to sleep after a tinkle run, so he checked on good old Fox “news” for me earlier than usual. The Three Stooges show actually begins at 6A.M. Eastern time which is 4 for us.

Anyway, and this will kill you, these clowns have a camera trained on the White House, and one of the doofuses says, “He said he’d blink the lights if he was watching.” Sure enough, the light in one of the White House windows blinked several times! Apparently, the Great Orange Mass was over there tweeting away and signaling to his favorite telly program. Can you believe it? The President of our poor old U.S.ofA. playing electronic footsies with the short-skirted blond, and the two doofuses.

it’s well known that Fox is the propaganda arm of the Republicrat party, but the past year has been a real turnaround for old Rupert’s association with the Great Orange Mass. From back when Megan Kelly raised his ire by asking a logical question to now, with the Three Stooges singing his praises every morning! Megan has, of course, moved on!

In the meantime, his eminence is wielding that pen as though he were old Errol Flynn with a rapier, slashing away at our civil rights, our torturously knitted social fabric, and anything else those God-fearin’ Republicrats stick in front of him for signing. Wait until they finish approving all of his cabinet plutocrats; the swamp will have been refilled with crocodiles!

Paul Krugman of the New York Times tweeted yesterday, “An American First: a president who was obviously mentally ill the moment he took office. Thanks, Comey.” What took you so long to figure that out, Paul?

Come on pappy, nobody will believe this stuff, Buster.

PS: Heard he’s ordering a full scale investigation into those millions of “illegal voters.” Actually, a couple of his advisors are registered in several states!

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