Blog #107: A Few Good Men (& Women)

“On some great and glorious day the plain folks of the land will reach their heart’s desire at last and the White House will be adorned by a downright moron.”
Henry Lewis Mencken.
Well, Henry, old sock, you’ve certainly “nailed it” again! This old devil makes Nixon, Reagan, Clinton, and Georgie look like truant Sunday School boys! Back to his first ugly week is a sec….

My crazy old pappy swears he remembers our title as a recruiting slogan for the U.S. Marine Corps back in the day, but if you google it now you’ll only find the 1992 movie of that name. Anyway, we’ll revisit the slogan in a bit.

Four A.M. is early even for an old hound dog, so we haven’t been checking every day to see if the White House occupant has been blinking the lights for his Fox “news” pals, but old pap checked this morning, and they didn’t mention the lights. Could be the secret service told them to remove their damned camera? OR, maybe dear Kellyanne gently reminded the old fool, saying, “Come on, sweetie pie (they say you have to flatter him quite a bit to convince him to do anything sensible), you need to be looking presidential now!”

So, that was certainly a TERRIBLY exciting first week of this Loony Toons presidency. Here’s the good news: His excellence is already boosting the economy (one of his many big promises); the WH placed an initial order for 150 Cross CenturyII Ball Pens @$110 each (MSRP) (May God Help Us). You wouldn’t expect a dude of his eminence to use a cheap Bic pen, would you?

Those damned expensive pens have been used to sign all sort of poppycock! The problem being the needless human suffering they cause, while the fool and his heartless, pseudo christian, tea partying Republicrat pals claim to be keeping us poor old Amuricans “safe.” The completely thoughtless immigration orders he’s signed have people stranded all over the world at airports and other places after already having spent months and even years in our “vetting” processes. Then, old pap saw the idiot on the telly last night saying, “It’s all good, everything is calm, airports fine, etc.” This so-called man is not only unbelievably ignorant, he’s clueless as to the chaos he is creating.

Yesterday, he signed a few more Executive Orders, one of which was to order our military to come up with a plan for defeating ISIS. One could make the case that this madman has done more harm to our dear old country in one week than ISIS has managed since they opened shop right after Georgie and Dick helped our M/IC (Military/Industrial Complex) start the little wars to “make the world safe for democracy.”

Certainly this 1st week has begun to unveil the worst aspects of a would-be dictator and an anger polluted political party attaining near total control of our government.

Pappy tells me that there was a time in our good old U.S.ofA. when misinformation and it’s resulting mass ignorance was not so prevalent. Our kids were taught their Three R’s in Elementary School and time could be spent on history since there wasn’t so much “technology” to worry about. There was WWII after which millions of returning soldiers got a college education thanks to the GI Bill, which also furthered an informed electorate. Also importantly, there was no telly to watch until the early 50’s. TV, and now the internet have the potential to do marvelous educational and entertainment things for people, but they are used mostly for the crass purpose of selling unnecessary junk to our consumption crazed population. “Creating demand” is one stupid term that could be applied to this practice. Then, there is the “news,” a misnomer for the flood of mostly biased opinion spewed out by multiple mediums twenty-four hours a day. Fox is merely the gosh-awful worst of these outlets; the comedy value of their vain attempts to appear serious is just not worth suffering their stupendously stupid comments. There is no wonder as to why a person with no moral bearings, but an ego the size of Mount Rushmore is now occupying the White House.

OK, pap’s old hero, Bernie, finally weighed in, calling a spade a spade, he said the dude is “delusional!” I think that means crazy, doesn’t it? Well, Bernie and those feckless Demoblicans had better get off their butts, and stop whining about losing the election and the ugliness of their adversaries, and get to work to rectify this horrid situation as soon as possible.

It is claimed that organizing “liberals” is akin to attempting to herd cats because they all have their individual “causes.” Here’s where a “few good men” (and ladies) come into the picture: They were at the March last Saturday, but they need a leader, immediately, if not sooner! Bernie, if he thinks he’ll live long enough, can certainly be that person, but, if so, he’s got to step up and fire up the loyal opposition to take back the Senate in 2018. It may be our only hope.

Stay calm and eat your chocolate, Buster.

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  1. Hello Buster. I’ve been enjoying your observations of our world, though I’m mostly impressed by just how much you see, being as low to the ground as you Bassetts tend to be. Your Pappy must give you a pretty thorough play-by-play.
    Sounds like he does.

    I’m struck by his certainty that the masses of protesters need a leader. I’ve wondered that myself, but I’m not yet convinced it’s time. I’m staying more curious to see who might emerge. In the meantime, it’s up to us humans to get busy locally. Take back our state houses, our mayors offices, our governorships. Getting our congressional districts redrawn to more accurately reflect the population is a priority of mine (post 2020 census). Keep up the good work here, you and your pappy. A photo or two would be fun too.


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