Blog #108: “Hang onto your seats; as they say in showbiz, you ain’t seen nothing yet” – Bill Falk, Editor-in-chief, The Week

I believe we’ve mentioned The Week, pappy’s fav magazine before. If you want the facts, across the world, in a couple hour’s reading every week, here ya go!

A friend of my old pappy posted a magnificent photo of horses grazing with a couple of majestic snow-covered mountains in the background. He was participating in a “challenge” to post a nature photo each day for seven days, and to encourage a friend each day to do the same. The idea is to flood Facebook with beautiful photos, which seems to be a worthwhile project in our troubled times. Someone commented, “Our country is so beautiful.” I was tempted to retort, yes, and it is such a shame to sully it with a yuge ugly mass of orange, but I thought better of it, and refrained from distracting from the image of beauty! While they may not be prevalent in our current political environment, we hound dogs refuse to abandon our social graces!

Well, golly ned, it sure didn’t take the big jerk long to regress to his role as the miserable character he apparently played so well on that “reality” tv show; we’re guessing he was what they call a “natural.” Must have felt really special to once again be able to authoritatively shout, “You’re Fired.” You can tell he really misses that gig by the way he’s been criticizing the job old Arnie is now doing on the show.

So, what did that Sally Yates, that smart aleck woman in her temporary job, think she was doing anyway, acting as if the Department of Justice has a duty to uphold the laws of our good old U.S.ofA? Sally, dear, you had it coming, after all, magnanimous is not a term most people would apply to our Supreme Leader.

No one can say that the particular moron currently adorning the White House is a slow-poke. Tonight, he announced his nominee for the Supreme Court vacancy. It’s hard to say whether the Demoblicans will be as obstinate as were the Republicrats, though they probably have justification in this case. This lad seems to be a tad overcome with his pious fervor.

For the moment, we must just wait for the morrow to learn the clown’s next assault on civility. At least we have a replacement for the dear old Circus when it leaves town for good.

Come on pappy, the jester gets up really early, Buster.

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