Blog #109: I Come Not to Bury The Yuge Orange Mass, but to Explain Him – After all, It is Groundhog Day!

Are you beginning to understand how a man who had bankrupted several of his partners after teaching the bankers how to be too big to fail could then convince a bunch of people that he was an astute businessman who could run our poor old country just like one of his “successful” businesses? Good, now you’re seeing just what a slick con artist with unfailingly devious instincts can do; the dude knows exactly what he’s doing. He has us out in the streets, running around like decapitated chickens! Plus, he’s got our heroes, Bernie and Liz, the whole mob of Demoblicans, and the “mainstream” media, all screaming and ranting about his obsessions about crowd sizes and “illegal” voters, and his “orders,” while they should be firing up and organizing those poor neglected Bernie “kids.”

The latest “order,” the ban on Muslims is a winner! Pap got an email from a friend quoting an analysis by a teacher of political history who calls the ban a “shock event,” designed to cause chaos and divide opposition. It certainly seems to be working just fine!

It appears the Demoblicans are our only hope to limit the “carnage” (he gave us the proper term, just misused it) this wannabe dictator is capable of unleashing on our dear old country. They are going to have to ramp up their act, though, way beyond their miserable performance in the “bloody election.” So far, old pap and I are not impressed, but the amazing women’s march on Washington and the spontaneous demonstrations of the last few days are encouraging. We must hope this energy can be directed into forging an effective “loyal opposition” which can bring back a better balance to all three branches of the Federal government.

We’ll need to be careful in our wishes, though; The Orange One, though clumsily effecting his “promises,” is at least a partially tempering influence on the fiscal and social hawks of those emboldened Republicrats. Unfortunately, they are not your grand daddy’s Grand Old Party, and left to their own devices, probably would do almost irreparable damage to all of our civil rights. To give the old con man his due respect, he has already gotten those greedy Repubs to be talking, “Repeal AND Replace,” when for the last 7 years they were only voting (over and over, ad nauseam) to just repeal the ACA.

As y’all may be aware, today is Groundhog Day, and good old Phil has seen his shadow, and called for, shudder, six more weeks of winter. Since moving out here to the Idyhoe desert, I have been assisting Phil regarding the prognosis for our Western states. The bad news is the polluting “inversion” over Boiseeeee has not lifted as forcast. So, with absolutely no sunshine, there wasn’t a shadow to be seen out here, and I can confidently say that the worst winter this area has seen in decades may soon come to an inglorious end. That conclusion, of course, assumes the lack of shadow due to an “inversion” is as good as one which occurs solely due to more natural causes of an absence of sunshine!

Apologies to all our pals out East, but Phil has to call ‘em as he sees ‘em, Buster.

PS: Due to ‘puter defliculties, this report has been delayed by a couple days!
A few more items for your Sunday reading since the weather will be terrible:

The Boss reportedly asked FBI director, James Comey, to stay on. Surprise!

Those newly emboldened Republicrats are wasting no time on the state levels, either. In South Dakota they are planning to pass an “emergency” bill to overturn an independent ethics commission put in place by voters in a referendum in November. The Repubs hold 80% of both state chambers and the Governorship, and said the new ethics law would create “de facto criminals out of every elected office holder.” Without specifically mentioning it, they apparently feel they are perfectly capable of monitoring their own ethics!

A pizza chain, Villa Italian Kitchen, introduced an “alternative facts pizza,” a “presidential” pie topped with bacon, pepperoni, ham, sausage, homemade sauce, and whole milk mozzarella that will have “no calories.”

Not to be outdone by the whippersnapper Chief over here, the Pope “fired” the Grand Master of the Knights of Malta, a Catholic Charitable Order, over an apparent internal dispute which happened to concern condoms for a health campaign in Myanmar, of all places.

Finally, the Secret Service is reportedly investigating Madonna over her “idea about blowing up the White House.”

P. S. Notes swiped from The Week Magazine.

Old pap caught a couple minutes of the Prez at the National Prayer Breakfast (he’s becoming quite religious lately, must be the awesome responsibilities he’s undertaken). Not to change character, his first remarks were to recall how “The Apprentice” tv show was #1 when he was there (he was correct for one week only and only on NBC), and how awful it’s doing with old Arnold Schwarzenegger. He even asked the group to say a prayer for poor old Arnie; the joke didn’t get much applause, though. The old rascal just can’t help himself when it comes to his fibbing and dissing. Good old Arnie had a fine response, though. He suggested that he and Mr. Trump switch jobs!

Gee wilikers, our Exalted Leader is getting around to the “regulation” his gang really wants to get rid of, the Dodd-Frank financial law. All this other foolishness may merely be a big smokescreen to hide the horrors his pals, those gosh-awful Republicrats are planning to lay upon us poor old Amuricans. Not that the Dodd- Frank is an especially good law, the Demoblicans seem to have trouble saying anything in fewer than a few trillion words, but it’s better than nothing. Along with turning those fearless bankers completely loose on us again, those old Repubs intend to “privatize” Social Security” and do who knows what to Medicare. Ho Boy, 1929 here we come!

Goodness, I seem to be rambling all over the map again. My new technical advisor, who happens to be very efficient, reminded me and old pap to keep this crazy blog short and sweet, but once old pappy fires up that old Corona, it sometimes just gets to typing up a storm, and ya can’t stop the danged thing!

So, we’re sorry to drone on here today, and promise to hold it to a low roar in the future.

One last horrific note: Pap caught good old Fox Biz “news” interviewing some unidentifiable Republicrat commenting on canning Dodd-Frank, and saying that we need to reform the financial system and free up capital for small and medium sized businesses and entrepreneurs. Old pap is already getting 2 phone calls a week offering small business loans (and he ain’t any of the above). The small biz loan is the latest iteration of those crafty bankers genius; they are pushing the loans out, then “securitizing” them. Does that sound familiar? Maybe just the same as the faulty mortgage swindles which blew up in aught eight, and danged near destroyed the financial systems of the entire world?

Cheers, Buster, and old pappy hanging on to that fired up old Corona.

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