Blog #110: Economics, Politics, & Beer, That’s My Game


Must admit, it’s an unusual mix, and I’m gonna reverse the order for today.

Old pap sprung for a little beer blast for my Birthday last Friday; you guessed it, beer and pizza at an undisclosed location. Actually, the chef, a brilliant lad, did a bit more than pizza, including various little flat bread thingys with all sorts of descrumptious toppings! Anyway, old pap had (A) beer, this the laddie who once consumed a case (24 bottles) of good old Natty Boh whilst observing an Orioles’ double-header on the telly. When older folk tell you about the ravages of aging, believe them! We had a bunch of pals around, and there were some tiny tots there, so I got quite a plethora of tidbits myself. Fun!

There seems to be some question as to whether or not the Boss knew what he was signing in the order revamping the proposed attendees to the National Security Council, including sweet Stevie Bannon. The White House claims “under-reporting” of terror attacks by “the media.” This is another almost unbelievable fib. The WH meantime has barely mentioned the Mosque burning in Texas just hours after the travel ban was announced. Fortunately, most of us Amuricans are much less stupidly blind than our fearless leader, and have already “go funded” enough to the congregation to rebuild.

Despite our ever-watchful Demoblicans’ 24-hour mini-filibuster, and with old Mikey’s tie-breaking vote, Betsy DeVos becomes Education Secretary. It certainly appears we’ll have the installation of a cabinet whose most rational member will be a fellow cheerfully dubbed, “Mad Dog” Mattis.

Also, on Friday, our Yuge Orange Leader signed another of his “Exec. Orders,” directing the Treasury Department to initiate a review to identify changes to Dodd-Frank, the financial regulation law. I mentioned last week that this is just one of the more horrific actions the Republicrats are planning to slide under the radar (as much as possible) while everyone is focused on the Muslim travel ban. Also, they want to eliminate the “fiduciary rule,” which is meant to avoid interest conflicts by Financial Advisors, before it is even implemented. These and other brilliant plans being cooked up by those resourceful Republicrats and their wealthy friends on Wall Street will almost surely bring us another financial crash, and as we’ve noted before, there aren’t any tools left to recover, so, “hang onto your seats” – 1929 (or worse), here we come!

Your fav hound doggie (I hope), Bus. Shut down that old Corona, pappy.

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