Blog #118: Things to be Thankful For – Laughter!

Happy Army Day, Everybody!

The Executive Order Surge seems to have abated a bit, and the Alt-Fact Chief hasn’t made laughter illegal….yet! So, enjoy this weird scenario:

Remember good old Rand Paul, who we mentioned questioning the need for increased Military spending? Well, we suppose because he’s a tad more logical than your typical Republicrat lawmaker, he was barred from the room where his compatriots were writing their (Obamacare) REPLACEMENT plan. Here’s the laugh line: Politico obtained a bootleg copy, and offered to let old Rand have a peek at it! Hold your sides: Paul Ryan said, “We’re not hatching a secret plan behind closed doors.” Then, the Boss Man, himself, added, “Nobody knew health care could be so complicated.” DUH!

This morning, Tweeter dude announced that old President Obama wiretapped his gold-plated Trump Tower.

Quoting Bill Falk, again, “Reality has caught up with satire.”

Where do we go from here?

Your guess is better than mine or old pap’s, Buster.


  1. I’m trying to laugh at it all, Walt, I really am. ‘Appreciate the levity you bring to your pieces. Best, T


  2. Thanks, Tim, as you can see, Buster and his old pappy are getting a little behind in their work (reminds one of the old butcher who sat on his meat grinder). Anyway, when you get time, please give us a call to arrange a little lunch.
    walt and Bus.


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