Blog #127: What’s a hound doggie to do?

Well, my old pappy’s back in town…whoopty-do! While the old fellow was back East partying to beat the band, I took a much needed respite from attempting to glean some “sense” from “current affairs.” Heck, there was no way in tarnation that I was gonna fly in some drafty cargo bin in order to join him on his trip; plus, without my chief typist, I would have been unable to make these teensy computer keyboards respond legibly to my attempts to “paw” out a message, anyway!

So, pap’s back, and there’s a hefty backlog of “bunk” which could stand a bit of analyzing. Shucks, the Twitterverse, led by the Tweeter-in-Chief, while defying comprehension, has been absolutely aglow with imbeciles accusing each other of utter idiocy. Hey, this phenomenon alone could keep a slew of psychologists fully employed for years, so ole pap and I had best pass on that one.

Of course the Republicrat-led Senate is about to permit a bit of light to shine on their much vaunted healthcare bill, but there will be plenty of commentary, and, of course, it still must be conflated with the House bill, which the Prez has dubbed, “mean,” so let’s hold off on this disaster-in-the-making, too.

I’m guessing the only safe bet at the moment is the ‘fait accompli’ of the four special House elections which good old Fox “news” refers to as “Trump Victories.” This assessment, of course, takes just a tad of poetic license since they were all in heavily Republicrat districts, but the incidents were of interest due to the amount of attention paid by the political universe and the outlandish amount of money spent on them, especially the Georgia, sixth district contest, where a record $55million was assembled and spent, largely from around the country, leaving Republicrat Karen Handel the winner over Demoblican Jon Ossoff by a slim 52 to 48 margin. This was reportedly the most expensive House race ever! One can imagine that the insane amounts of cash wasted on politics will never cease with just our existing two-party system – neither one wants to play chicken and quit. Also, it is more and more apparent that all of the established political “leaders” are tightly entrenched, leaving cooperation and compromise all but impossible. This certainly would appear to be the time for a strong third party effort; perhaps our only chance to return to a semblance of reason!

Gee, it’s nice to have old pappy back in town, Buster.

17-6-1 23 June 2017


  1. Oh, Buster. I’m glad your Pappy is home safely. Thanks for sharing him with us! I hope now that he’s back, you’ll be back to regularly sharing your insight as we try to make any kind of sense of this mess we call government.


  2. Thanks, Bus ‘ol boy. It can’t be easy being a wise old dog, watching the younger generation pillage, loot, and burn the country to the ground. Keep vigilant, my friend. You’re not alone!


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