Blog #128: We got troubles – personified by the donald boy

I invite you to check back on my Blog #87 – A Wee Bit of Advice, wherein I first diagnosed the old rascal. His EPPS (Excessive Potty Praise Syndrome) has only gotten worse as his swollen EGO has been bombarded by these smart-alecky women daring to challenge his nasty remarks. Reflecting on his comments regarding popping a tic tac and kissing ‘em and grabbing ‘em by certain body parts, one might assume that this dude was not your standard Romeo type lover. Logically extended, you can see his disgusting attitude toward women deriving from a good amount of rejection. Summing up, in Type I EPPS, of course, the EGO grows inexorably until it reaches gargantuan proportions. Now, howsomever, the poor old fool’s EPPS is definitely moving to Type II, where the EGO becomes extremely fragile, leading to horribly impetuous behavior. That said, he’s still the slickest con artist ever to come down the pike!

I’m convinced that my readers are a notch more aware than your average Amurican, and have probably noticed those slippery Republicrats urging the old boy to destroy our poor old country with his ugly Executive Orders, while under the cover of his ridiculous tweeting storms! Speaking of which, his latest “CNN takedown” video is just perfect; along with his horrid remarks about “Morning Joe’s” Mika’s “bleeding” face.

In old pap’s fav mag, “The Week” (the June 30 edition), Mr Putin’s scheme to destroy Western civilization is frankly detailed, along with our own irresponsible President’s complicity. In a saner time, the crazy old coot might be facing trial as a traitor for his blatant encouragement of the Russian hacking and interference, though we even forgive (more or less) murderers who are judged insane!

He’s now claiming that his behavior isn’t “Presidential;” it’s “Modern Day Presidential.” Need more be said about the old ner-do-well? Nay, if there be any mercy left in this old world!

Listening for those beautiful words: “Well, you won’t have old {Donald] to kick around anymore!” Come on pap, we’re already on the “Enemies List.”

17-7-1 3 July 2017

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