Blog #129: Independence Day!

Here we are again, two hundred forty-one exciting years later! Wonder what those old “founders” had in mind?

Ya know, they put together a really nice bunch of words in that “Declaration” thingy. The only thing you could fault may be their apparent application; for instance, it would appear that their lofty words were only meant to apply to a rather small group of people, namely, white males. People from the continent of Africa with dark complexions were not actually considered to be quite human, a belief which remains somewhat common even to the present time, along with ignorance of the fact that all of human ancestry began in those jungles. The American “Indians” found themselves in the same boat. So began our illustrious history with slavery and oppression as part and parcel of our “modus operandi.”

I’m not saying we haven’t made some progress; shucks, only about 90 years later, slavery was abolished here, though it’s now creeping back in our multi-national corporations. Now, ladies, be patient, you girls got to vote in 1920, only 144 years after that old document was signed by those generous fellows. When, a while back, some of our ultra-patriots were chanting about our “American Exceptionalism,” I agreed that there have been periods when we looked darned sharp, such as old WWII, and the subsequent rehabilitation of our enemies, but we also tend to regress, as is the political case at the moment.

While our infamous Draft-Dodger-in-Chief is sitting in his Oval Office today boasting about how he is taking care of our veterans, and tweeting about “making America great again,” our good old Military/Industrial Complex is dragging us into more and more senseless wars. Concurrently, his Executive Orders are removing protections against corporate greed, and those cheerful Demoblicans and Republicrats can’t agree on anything. Such a mess!

So, maybe we all need to step back, holding those firecrackers (before we start more forest fires), and consider other alternatives to the way we conduct our business!

Enjoy your cook-um-outs, Buster and ole pap.

17-7-2 July 4th, 2017

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