Blog #130: Independence, Exceptionalism, and Guillibility

On the good old Fourth, to celebrate our Declaration of Independence from the bad old King, I was explaining our relentless (we hope), though S-L-O-W progress toward equality for all. After we banned slavery with the 13th Constitutional Amendment in 1865, it still took about another hundred years before the slave’s ancestors were allowed to ride in the front of the bus and go to school with the fairer toned kids. Also, ladies, about 50 years after y’all got to vote, you were allowed to enter taverns through the front door, but more recently, a bunch of you voted for the fellow who brags about grabbing you by that body part. So, are we beginning to acknowledge that progress is painfully slow here in our good old U.S.ofA?

It seems we are a particularly gullible bunch. We may have gotten rid of the King, but his legacy continues through money in our politics. That we elected The Rich Guy is merely a shining example of our stupidity; every rotten politician we elect continues our subjugation. My old pappy says that even white lads, if they are silly enough to fail to choose their parents properly, are in for a rough ride. So, we may have gotten rid of the King, but, as the saying goes, “Money still talks!”

Now, our illustrious (Loss) Leader is over in Europe, seeing what mischief he can create there, stopping first in Poland because they really like him. Now, we’ve heard all the stupid Pollack jokes, but this is ridiculous! Anyway, his absence may even reduce the damage he’s doing here, though he’s appointed some very efficient and nasty henchmen to carry on his scorching our dear old country. Scott Pruitt, one such scoundrel, is installed as head of the EPA, and has been tasked with destroying that agency. He helped the President remove us from the Paris Climate accord, tried to eliminate our air pollution regulations, and is now busily reopening our waterways to waste discharges from our corporate political donors. Most of the other members of the Molester-in-Chief’s cabinet are as bad or worse, so, we are in a world of trouble. Our Excellent Negotiator continues to threaten North Korea, and tomorrow he meets, face to face, ole Vlad Putin.

Is there hope? We don’t know, but old pap and I think it’s time we stopped kidding ourselves!

17-7-3 6 July 2017

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