Blog #131: T Meets P! Again?—Nobody knows.

Darth Vader wanted to meet; we sent Han Solo (well, not quite), we think it was Daffy Duck, or perhaps, Goofy. At any rate, reports of the momentous meeting are varied. as one might guess. Attendees were severely limited, so there were only two versions, more or less opposed. So, what’s a person to think.

A Fox “news” loon says “Amuricans” are so smart, they won’t believe anything the “main-stream” media try to tell them. Are they trying to “flatter” those poor souls they’ve misled all these years? Prez Trump, for his part, says that the G20 was an excellent meeting (are any of the activities where he’s involved anything but fabulous?), and we’re making some very great deals.

Today, he’ll meet with Mr. Xi, and again urge him to have China fix things in North Korea. There have been reports that Kim Jong-un and the North Korean people wish to kill all the “American Bastards.” We don’t know if this is true, but it is possible to see whence such an attitude might be developed; mainly, these folk have only seen the rather ugly Amurican global corporations in action, plundering where they can, while enriching selected compliant governments such as in South Korea. Our “equality” record hasn’t been better world-wide than here at home. Mr. Trump and his friends at Fox, of course, appeal to our ultra-patriots to hate everyone but themselves and their chosen few, and the other side, those feckless Demoblicans aren’t exactly preaching love and harmony, either. So, what really is “Fake News?”

At least, the G19 recommitted to the old Paris Agreement on Climate Change, sans our good old U.S.ofA.

Meanwhile, good old Fox “Biz” was advertising The Little White Wedding Chapel in Vegas, where you can get hitched at their drive-through window and tunnel in 15 minutes for about 500 bucks. Naturally, you can get your divorce just down the street at The Little (Black?) Divorce Court; you can even do it by email, and it’ll only cost ya from $89 to $3 or $4 Hundred Million! Those “Fair and Balanced” newsies at Fox are always looking out for their very smart viewers

Come on, pap, can’t wait for the China report tomorrow, Buster (unbalanced)

17-7-4 8 July 2017

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