Blog #132: “Who you gonna believe, me or your lying eyes”

President Putin vouched for The Fibber-in-Chief in that he brought up the subject of Russian interference in our election even though he didn’t completely trust his intel cats. Also, old Darth said that our man was sympathetic to his reply, “didn’t was us, must have been the other feller.” Then, he heaped a bunch of praise on our old con man, saying what a direct and insightful fellow he was in their meeting. I guess we know by now how our fearless leader reacts to such compliments. (Hint- He loves it!) Apparently, so much so, that he now wants to share our cybersecurity activities with the KGB. Now, we’re not saying that a bit of detente with Russia couldn’t be a positive thing – just maybe not only on Mr. Putin’s terms. Our #1 lad is certainly a prolific tweeter, but not so much on multi-tasking. That was Sunday, today is Monday, and with just a bit of constructive criticism from his friends, he dropped that idea like a hot coal. One Congress wag opined that it may qualify as the shortest Presidential Initiative ever!

All the Sunday “news” shows were scrambling around trying to make sense of poor old Mitch McConnell and the his Senate health care debacle. Newter Gingrich was asked on Fox, of all places, why after 7 years of griping about Obamacare and talking “Repeal and Replace,” they didn’t have a replacement plan together. Newt’s weave and faint maneuvers were a spectacle to behold. Naturally, this morning, Le Don tweeted that Congress dare not leave without passing a new beautiful health care bill.

In the meantime, young Don, Jr.became embroiled in a story about an old meeting with a Russian operative; seems the apple didn’t fall far from the tree. Oh yes, one of his Dad’s more prescient tweets stated that when he arrived at the G20, everyone there was talking about the DNC’s denial to turn over their “server” to the FBI. Go figure!?!

So, how did it go with Mr. Xi? Well, despite there being a whole bunch of characters invited to this one, the related “news” appears to be rather sparse so far. The only thing old pap’s seen re: China was Fox stating that Trump’s message to Xi was: The problem with North Korea will get settled, one way or another. Basically, no more mention of the Trump/Xi discussions!?

Note: The title quote is generally attributed to Groucho Marx, though it may have been Chico masquerading as Groucho! Wish those guys were still around, Bus.

17-7-5 10 July 2017

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