Blog #133: Bastille Day – Presidential Blasphemy

Our old Draft Dodger-in-Chief is over in France speaking of our brave soldiers, while hoping we’ll forget his cowardice back when he opted to avoid his service. As old Bernie said, “The man is a fraud.” As he, himself would tweet, “SAD!”

Concerning Don Junior’s “Meeting,” he came up with a most innovative defense: Paraphrasing: Why did the Obama administration allow that Russian woman into the country (turns out this is just another Trumpy fib), and, then, most brilliantly, Putin would have preferred to have Hillary as president because I’m tougher on him than she would have been.

Dear little Kellyanne helped out by explaining the Russian Collusion investigation with big placards on good old Fox. First, “Conclusion: Collusion” (XXXXXed out), Then, “ILLUSION / DELUSION.” How totally clever!

Meanwhile, dear old Mikey Pence is trying to distance himself from this latest fiasco, stating that it happened way before he joined the “team.”

A friend back East said to old pappy, “You couldn’t make this shit up!” As you know, we don’t use profanity in my lil blog (this was a direct quote, and extremely literal, at that). Pap’s old teacher told him that people using profanity merely had a poor vocabulary. By the looks of it’s stupid use in political discourse now, notably with the Prez, these dudes aren’t very bright in any sense!

You really can’t ignore this stuff because the con man and his very stealthy Republicrat pals are severely damaging our poor old U.S.ofA. every day!

Anywho, old pap and I believe there to be only one plausible solution: The Third Party formation which I’ve mentioned before. More on that next week…

BTW: Does anyone remember when the banks used to give you a cheap toaster to open an account with them? Well, old pap now gets offers up to 500 bucks. Their modern biz model with 29.99% interest credit cards and “affordable” small business loans must be very lucrative! Any wonder why they are encouraging the elimination of Liz Warren’s Consumer Protection Agency?

Come on, pappy, we really can’t make this stuff up! Buster (on the trail)

17-7-6 14 July 2017


  1. Buster, you’ve sniffed this one out like the true hound dog you are. Why half of America still can’t smell this flaming pile of doo-doo for what it is a testament to the power of having a propaganda arm holding itself out, shamelessly, as “fair and balanced.” It’s going to be an interesting, rocky, road from here on out, and one for the history books . . .


  2. Thanks, Tim, for your insight on the “propaganda arm.” Noticed that their “real” journalist (Bret Baier) has amended the description a tad, to: “fair, balanced, and unafraid!” Interesting how the “support” has evolved (kinda similar to Trumpian explanations): From, “anybody but, to, he’s our man, and now wavering with a bit of “distancing.’
    Buster and old pap are attempting to develop a detour around the “interesting, rocky road,” and will no doubt need some help if you find yourself with any spare time. (O:


  3. Tim, you’re a veritable “Prince!” Bus will keep you posted. I may be doing a short Med procedure soon, will let ya know. Enjoy the cool breezes!


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