Blog #134: Transition: Bunk to Work

As legions of my loyal readers are well aware, old pap and I have been lamenting the fallacies which have crept into our very way of life over the last several decades, right here in our good old U.S.of A. Such horrors as “fast food,” 24/7 “shop till you drop” consumption, and the ubiquitous advertising; even so-called social media has joined the horrendous “Telly” (cheery Facebook is now a steady stream of stupid ads), plus a national malaise and widespread ignorance. If we have any hope at all, it’s in the slim to none category.

Howsomever, old pap, being one of those hopeless, cockeyed optimists, he’s convinced me that we gotta obey good old Whiney, and carry on!

Must say though, the word “bizarre” does not begin to describe our current political scene, beginning with the current inmate at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, who may be a bit of an aberration, but has had some predecessors who were in the obviously weird category, as well. We’re guessing that this young fellow is unique, though, in causing two or three new revelations to appear each and every day. The lad’s latest lament about appointing dear old, but extremely creepy Jeff Sessions as his DOJ chief is odd, at best. Through every ridiculous appearance, there is old “holier-than-thou” Mikey Pence, smiling benevolently, while salivating over his own potential promotion!

Well, as mentioned last week, pap and I feel there’s no question that our current 2-party system has disintegrated into chaos. Now, if there is any “good” news to be had in the political arena, it’s that recent polling indicates somewhere around 40 percent of us loyal Amuricans are registered as, or,at least, consider ourselves “Independents!” Heck, if we were able to pull together, we could make those two immoveable and irascible clans irrelevant all by ourselves.

Well, it may be just another Quixotic idea, but I got old pap researching setting up a new third party, right now. So, please stay tuned, and for goodness sakes, send us your ideas and suggestions, for the sake of all the kids, grandkids, and great-grandmonsters out there,

Cheer up, it could be worse, though that’s unlikely, Bus and old pap (on drums)

BTW: Ain’t the new communications dude slick as a weasel? (Fox training?)

17-7-7 24 July 2017

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