Blog #135: Keep those cards and letters coming!

Yikes, can it get any nuttier? Here, I’ve got old pap typing to a fair-thee-well on my 8th blog this month, and the second one today! Ugh!

To begin this happy day, think back to old Mikey’s benevolent smile from yesterday? Well, first thing today, he tweeted: “Trump’s triumphs are many after only six months and he’s just getting started.” (poor grammar due to accurate quoting) What a display of honest loyalty, while waiting for the guillotine to drop!

Also, don’t forget the new communications dude, ole scarmouth, or whatever; did we tell you this cat is slick as a weasel, or what? Dear young Jared has volunteered to answer questions before the Senate committee investigating “Russia,” behind closed doors, of course. First, yesterday, the new comm guy had him issue an eleven page statement proclaiming his innocence (already). So, what gets in the “news?” Their phony statement, naturally, since we won’t know what is said “behind closed doors!” The old Trumpster has a bunch of really rotten and stupid pals, but this particular one, a Harvard Man, no less, may be rotten as well, but he’s dumb as a fox. (no pun intended)

We’re gonna have to let y’all follow all this folderol on your own, so we can leave all the bunk behind and move on to saving our good old U.S.ofA. So, don’t hold back, let us have you ideas on establishing a new party and a new order in old Washington, D.C. As you know, our fearless leader promised to “drain that swamp,” but he’s refilling it with really nasty critters, so we “independents” need to step in to do it right!

Now, I must warn ya, old pappy and I are way too old to get this stuff done, a new political party and offsetting the literal mountains of bunk out there, everywhere. Heck, we are both already well past our expiration dates, so you young folk need to scale the ramparts and haul in that figurative guillotine.

Come along, pappy, it’s already our nap time, Buster.

17-7-8 24 July 2017

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