Blog #144: Another Well-read Teleprompter Job

It is truly amazing what a good old nanny can accomplish with a child, even one suffering from EPPS (Excessive Potty Praise Syndrome. Unfortunately, the “child” in the case we’re thinking of happens to be our 70 year-old President whose ego had been so enlarged that it is a bit late for a nanny to rectify, even one as good and stern as old General Kelly. So, the old fool’s speech to the UN General Assembly this morning was reasonable in many respects. He correctly criticized the dangerous actions of some of the world’s rogue regimes, and pointed out the short-comings of the austere body he was addressing, while also thanking the assembly for their efforts at ameliorating the terrible effects of the many disasters around the world, and encouraging them to do more.

He, of course, was happy to point out the contributions to world order (and the UN coffers) of his beloved “Amurica” and her past patriots; it still amazes us how he can speak with such patriotic fervor when he was unable to see his way clear to serve back when it was his patriotic duty to do so (yes, his dear generals, he was a draft-dodger back in the day). His distaste for military service doesn’t seem to affect his eager expectation of executing his duty of Commander-In-Chief, though, and he threatened the annihilation of North Korea at one point in today’s delivery. He also still insists on blaming our trading partners and others for the malaise in our economy, never mentioning the voracious greed of our large corporate moguls, such as his goodself.

Well that was today; the last few days the excitement was all about his new “best friends,” Nancy and Chuck, who he hopes will assist him in achieving some legislative “wins.” In his ego-manic mind, “wins” are any actions which he feels can improve his public image. Can he (shudder) convince them to help enact the kinds of “tax reform” which his “old friends” would like, or will they be “brave” and try to have him deal with the corporate welfare tax structure which contributes mightily to our disastrous income inequality? In fact, this dude has no friends, in his demented view, you are either “with” him, or “against” him, and since he is severely unstable most of the time, being “with” him must be quite challenging.

Are ya seeing how the machinations of the idiotic pols of our existing two parties as they attempt to ride the waves of Sir Trump’s populous appeal to thoroughly confused Amurican voters are not a reasonable plan for our future? Enough already, pappy, even an old hound doggie will be gagging any minute.

17-9-3 19 September 2017

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