Blog #145: “To Be or Not To Be”… A Moron, that is…

Due to a basically futile attempt at capturing the mood (so to speak) of the gentleman currently, sometimes residing at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, I’ve changed the title of this bloody little blog every day for the last week or so.
The latest moniker, which hopefully will go to press, came compliments of good old Rex, who’s been criticized recently by his boss for “wasting his time.”

There appears to be quite a brouhaha stirring over his reported use of the word, “moron” (not exactly denied by him; he held a special news conference to praise the good old Tweeter-in-Chief, and say that where he comes from they don’t comment on such petty nonsense). Well, Rex, old sock, under more “normal” circumstances, it may indeed be “nonsense,” but when the moron in question happens to be the supposed “leader of the free world,” it takes on another connotation. Now, old Rex is not the first individual to actually mention that same sentiment; if you recall way back in 2016, when the gang that good old Newt Gingrich infamously called the most accomplished candidates ever assembled (you may remember old lying Ted and little Marco, etc.) were vying for the Republicrat nomination, I quoted the old Bard of Baltimore on the subject:

“As democracy is perfected, the office of president represents, more and more closely, the inner soul of the people. On some great and glorious day the plain folks of the land will reach their heart’s desire at last and the White House will be adorned by a downright moron.”
― H. L Mencken

Henry’s “forecast” could also help us comprehend, “Wha Hoppened,” a tad at variance with dear old Hillary’s ideas! Old Mencken, having lived through the Great Depression and the two “World” Wars,” was undoubtedly a confirmed cynic, and as such, he apparently had little confidence in the average citizen’s ability to logically assess the viability of their choices of leaders. Our citizens have for years been badly misled by our “news” information systems, going back to the invention of the radio, exacerbated by the beloved telly, and finally completely debased by the internet and “social media.” Hence, ignorance is now sewn right into the fabric of our collective conscience, so one could say that we got our man. Now, our “man,” through his own horrible behavior, is making prejudice and hatred seem “normal” for many of his poor, misguided followers, and we’re seeing the result in horrible actions throughout the land.
So, what has the moron been up to of late? First, the disaster in Puerto Rico: When he was finally able to get his focus on the NFL players protest (I’ll get to that in a minute), over to the horrible situation in the Caribbean, he pulled a “W” (you’re doing a great job, Brownie) from the Katrina FEMA response mess. He had to brag about “his” government’s efforts, saying that it was a “good news story.” Then, when told of the administration’s comment, the Mayor of San Juan, after shaking her head in disbelief, responded something like, “What Good News? We’re dying here,” and then pleaded, begged for help. Of course, the Commander-In-Tweets, took her comments as a personal affront, and in turn responded (by a tweet storm, naturally) by blaming the whole horrid situation on the victims, and stating, emphatically, that those complaining were just “politically motivated ingrates.” Here’s the punch-line, describing the tv pictures of the devastation, “Who are you gonna believe, me, or your lying eyes?” (a line usually attributed originally to old Groucho Marx).

So, now he’s been to the Island territory to see for himself…….but the continuing grief and misery there didn’t seem to bother him much, he must have figured a little levity was in order and decided to hand out rolls of paper towels by shooting baskets to the gathered islanders who were seeking water, food, and help. For a dude who doesn’t seem to have a mirthful bone in his body, this probably wasn’t a time or place for fun.

The fellow, although he happens to somehow have been elected to the Presidency of our poor old U.S.ofA., is the quintessence of abominable behavior, who actually seems appalled at the idea of being caught telling the whole truth about anything. The only decent promise he made as a candidate that he’s carried out is to, partially, “drain the swamp.” Just one small problem here: the ‘gators he’s pulled out of that swamp are only the same ones he installed there, eight or so at latest count! He constantly proclaims his great love for America and for his fellow Americans, but, though he may not be aware of the fact, he excludes over half of “America,” since he regularly offers a hefty dose of disparagement to our fellow Americans in Mexico and Canada.

Now, the NFL protests: We’re back to the old fool’s favorite, respect for the flag, yes, the same flag which that gosh-awful bone spur kept him from defending. The old fool and lots of his followers tend to condemn these wealthy ball players for their protests because they have been so fortunate to earn big bucks for playing a game, so what do they have to gripe about, but there is a huge difference. Most of these football rich guys didn’t start out that way; they came from very poor families, and were just lucky enough to be spotted by coaches who recognized their sports potential. On the other hand, you have the lads who were born with the proverbial silver spoons in their mouths, grew up thinking it was a sign of brilliance, and began spouting lots of horse hockey from those same orifices. Apparently, in the two cases mentioned above, the erroneous assumptions were reinforced by EPP (Excessive Potty Praise). resulting in the Syndrome of that name, and, of course, those unbelievably over-sized egos. In a favorite word of the Tweeter-in-Chief, “SAD!”

Now, pappy, you know I swore off mentioning Tronald Dump (got that spiffy new nickname from a BD card at our Fav Card Store here in Boiseeeee. hee, hee) a few times before; it’s kinda like swearing off smoking, ya gotta do it at least a thousand times. Howsomever, cross my heart, and hope to die, this is IT! The crazy bloke is wasting everyone’s time, all the while doing his level best to destroy our dear old country, not to mention the whole world. While it is unlikely that this troubled fellow is actually omnipotent, a faculty usually ascribed to gods of one sort or another, meaning he probably can’t screw up everything, he is certainly doing enough damage that convinces me that he should be removed from office as soon as possible. I’ve come to this conclusion despite the horrific prospect of ever-righteous Mikey Pence being elevated to the position which has already been sullied beyond recognition.

If this Republicrat Congress doesn’t soon act to remedy this untenable situation, they all, save 2 or 3, need to be tried for dereliction of duty!

Come on pappy, there’s a litany of additional foolishness that could be mentioned about this old con artist, but to what end? I’m sworn off, Buster.

BTW:Here’s the fake news conundrum of the week: What does a moron say after assembling his military chiefs at a dinner party? Answer: “This may be the calm before the storm.” I wish it weren’t true, but I’m still sure our madman sees North Korea as his ace in the hole, a handy gambit to extricate him from his self-inflicted troubles. As Bernie said at the outset, Dump is a fraud, but he’s still as clever as a fox, and has absolutely no moral compass. A frightening combo!

17-10-1 8 October 2017

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  1. Right on every count, ‘ol Bus. To be or not to be? I’m afraid our man made his choice clear a long time ago!


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