Blog #146: Oh, Woe is Us – The Moron Is “Winning!”

I wish this could be a Happy New Year’s message, but as y’all know, I swore off discussing Tronald Dump over a month ago. Well, that old fool refuses to be ignored, he pokes his way into the daily conversation as though he were a worm infecting a nice fresh piece of fruit. Now, as Mr. Mueller gets closer to the most nefarious aspects of the Dump campaign, the rascal, with ample help from Fox, so-called news, has been able to blow up the emails of two careless FBI agents into a media storm of corruption across the Department of Justice. The Jester in our White House is surely an incendiary genius. He and his henchmen (the mostly spineless Republicrats) are grabbing the reins to power across our governmental systems, and wreaking havoc across our good old USofA, as well as most of the rest of the world.

With his only legislative “win,” the horrific “Tax Reform,” he has set a new standard for fiscal irresponsibility, while also ripping up the only federal health care system we’ve ever had for other than senior citizens in order to further exacerbate the monstrous income and wealth inequality in the country. Many of the actions they are taking will harm the old fool’s most ardent supporters (poor white persons), so you might ask, “How dumb can he get?” Well, that question may have been answered by one of his Wharton Biz School professors, who was reported to have remarked something like, He is the goddam dumbest student I’ve ever tried to teach.

I’m afraid the time for dismissing the Moron as a sick joke is way past. This gentleman, and I use the term extremely loosely, has a hostile relationship with the truth, lying as a matter of habit, and as I’ve mentioned before, has no moral compass, and seems to care about nothing but his own selfish interests. Most frightening is the fact that one-third of our Amurican citizens have been bamboozled by this deranged con artist.

How about the “loyal opposition,” those feckless Demoblicans, you may ask. Well, they are rejoicing in the tiny victories in Alabama and Virginia, and envisioning great success in the 2018 elections, very prematurely.

This old hound dawg, with a bit of help from his real old pappy, has been trying to warn y’all about the creeping (now, flowing) erosion or our national cohesiveness for many moons, and I feel strongly about our country needing a third political party to attempt to defuse the polarization of our politics and populace. However, at this critical point, it would appear that we need to first get behind those seemingly helpless Demoblicans to help them wrest control of the congress away from the enablers of the madman sometimes residing at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. If you watch any TV, which we don’t recommend, you’ll notice all the stations have been, for several days, recapping the events of 2017. We would summarize it in a word, Disaster! We don’t normally condone profanity, but one must recognize the truth. Accordingly, we leave you with this appropriate greeting card (from our fav store):

Week's last cover 201617/12/1 December 31 2017


  1. Disaster is right! Good to see you still clawing at the keys, Buster. Sorry I missed this when it first came out. ‘Hope you and your pappy are well 🙂


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