Blog #146: Our Perfect Storm (Political, that is)

Mistaken Nuke Warning in Hawaii – Not the Moron’s Fault!

My old pap and I have been warning y’all for quite a while now about the unhappy state of our not-so-united states; probably the only thing saving us from another civil war is geography. We’re no longer neatly separated as were the north and south back in 1860. Our friend, Tim Fearnside, in his recent blog makes a strong case about a major reason for our stress: what he accurately calls, “One Big Lie.” President Obama recently noted another causal factor when he opined that Fox “News” viewers were living on another planet. (Old pappy says that he knows a few old fellows who have been living on “another planet,” even way before Fox raised it’s ugly head)

So, where has all the strife gotten us? Into a Perfect Storm of political disharmony, that’s where! We have us a President whose EPPS (Excessive Potty Praise Syndrome), which I diagnosed long, ago has now blossomed into full blown dementia. We have a Congress controlled by remnants of the old GOP (Grand Old Party) which refuses to recognize the problems being created each day by the poor old Moron in the White House because they are fearful of a backlash from his unfortunately misguided fans. If this situation isn’t bad enough, we have the “loyal opposition;” that would be those hapless Demoblicans, who can’t seem to find their calling!

Now, again, as y’all are aware, old pap and I advocate another pol party (or two) as a reasonable substitute for the endless polarization, plus at least one rather radical solution to the abject poverty and consequent “restlessness” in our urban centers, a National Service Draft (see my Blog #18) which would also get our remaining unemployed to work rebuilding our infrastructure, rather than making that chore another “corporate” boondoggle! However, these steps will take time (if they are even possible given our current state of divisiveness); so, the only plausible action we see for now is to get behind that feckless party of Demoblicans to retrieve the Congress from the increasingly irresponsible Republicrats. Please, if anyone, anywhere has other ideas, send them to Bernie. He has so much better name recognition than this old hound doggie!

Y’all take care now, here? (quoted from an old Merryland Comptroller)

Blog 18-1-1   15 January 2018

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  1. Thanks for the shout old, ‘Bus – ‘appreciate it! And yes, it’s as dire, and dour, as it seems…


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