Blog #147: Another near-perfect Teleprompter Read

Breaking news (fake? who knows?) from Buzzfeed “News” (paraphrasing because we can’t find the danged thing again & we’re late to boot) – ‘The global elite, who reportedly can’t stand Tronald Dump, were falling all over themselves to see his address at Davos.’ Really? To watch our “First Fool” read a message written by some amazing speech-writers, of which he has no clue about the meaning and doesn’t mean a word of it, including his heartfelt, “God Bless You!” (Opps. we forgot to advise you, our good pal who lives in the once great state of Pennsylvania coined the term, “First Fool” when the Moron was mistakenly installed as our “President.”) Anywho, this old fellow who sometimes now lives at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., cares not a whit about anyone but himself.

My blog, titled “Surreal” was posted one year ago, and the situation has deteriorated since then. The Dumpster’s personal physician claims he is in perfect health and sound of mind. If this is somehow true, he then can only be described by the rather whimsical term, “as vile a rogue as ever lived.” ** Yes, this Dump fellow may just be the darkest blight ever visited upon our fair land, potentially blotching the horizon for decades to come.

Now, you may feel this blog to be just a mean dissing of old Tronald, but, au contraire, I assessed the poor fellow as suffering from EPPS (Excessive Potty Praise Syndrome) many moons ago, and urged the old fools currently in charge of our disgruntled congress to get the old madman into a treatment facility where he could be helped. Unfortunately, of course, these wily old pols decided they couldn’t chance upsetting the misinformed voters who believe the old guy to be the “second coming” rather than the cunning con man most of us know him to be. Hence, he is still installed in the White House. Such a sad situation must somehow be corrected, so we urge all persons of good intent to help those feckless Demoblicans to wrest control of the congress from the increasingly malicious Republicrat gang. We feel this to be the only course possible at present to save our dear old U.S.ofA. As you know, I advocate more political parties than just the two hopeless wrecks we have at present, but this step will naturally take too much time to develop in order to avert the crisis now looming.

Note: ** “as vile a rogue as ever lived” is a phrase we have been unable to attribute, other than a colorful use of the word, “vile,” in our “Mac” dictionary.
Coming: State of the “Union.”

Blog 18-1-2 29 January 2018 (hey, today’s my birthday, I’m 13, a real old dog.)

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