Blog #148: A Masterful Delivery of A Clever Whitewash of Year One


State of the (Fractured) Union – Once again our old First Fool read his script nearly perfectly – except perhaps for those weird grins he regularly emits! Seems a tad odd to an old hound dog, for a fellow whose Doc pronounces as being of sound mind, but then this lad is no ordinary con artist, he’s exceptional.
He has bankrupted a handful of businesses, leaving his trusting partners holding the bag, has paid numerous fines for his practices of discrimination and underpaying employees, and can’t forgot that great, now defunct Trump University! Yet, he has still been able to convince almost a third of good old Amurican voters that he is a good businessman. Unbelievable!

The old rascal openly admitted that he revels in perverted sexual advances to women he meets (just locker-room banter), but gets a “mulligan” from Tony Perkins, “self-appointed spokesperson” for “E Van gelicals.”

His poor old Daddy sent him to that fancy military school to “straighten him out” (that apparently went real well). Then, he went to those great colleges, became a draft-dodger,and now attempts to absolve himself by praising our military, profusely! A listing of his many con jobs could fill several heavy volumes, but, of course, sensible persons shouldn’t need to worry a whit about this old villain’s bad habits, except that somehow enough ignorant, or stupid, or both, people voted for him to install into the White House the total moron who old Henry Mencken warned us about over 50 years ago. Ho boy, they sure picked a doozy! So, now, the moron and his republicrat accomplices are making plans to destroy our environment, eliminate any kind of universal health care, privatize social security (so seniors can live with their kids, or maybe grand-kids, or just under a bridge), destroy our intelligence agencies, and, yes finally, make the rich much richer, and the poor much poorer!

Take your pick: Mad as a Hatter, or just world’s worst human bean? Will our “very stable genius” try the Saturday Night Massacre, again, after the Great Memo Release of 2018? That didn’t work so well for Tricky Dick, but old Tronald Dump has lots of self-confidence!

Next Up – An Urgent Plea to those Hapless Demoblicans.

Blog 18 – 2- 1   2 February 2018 (Sorry, kiddos, Phil saw his shadow, but out here in Idyhoe, Buster did not. Only, that could just be due to our “inversion.”)

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