Blog #149: Coolest Evangelist since Elmer Gantry

Hey, did ya catch the old Prez, our First Fool, at the National Prayer Breakfast this morning? Once more he read that old teleprompter to a T, and what a speech those crafty speech writers gave him to read. Who knows, he may already be planning his next career, which, of course, will need to be really exceptional in order to vie favorably against “Real Estate Mogul,” “TV Star,” and “Prez of the good old USofA.” I’ll bet he’s heard about good old Franklin Graham’s take home pay, which is not bad for a man of the cloth.

Gosh, in his unusually short address there at the Breakfast, he mentioned “God” a whole bunch of times, “God Blessed” everyone quite often, and even did a little quoting of the bible. You’ve got to hand it to this old huckster, he has a way with words, especially when those writers give him pleasant things to read. Quite a contrast to some of the poor old Demoblicans who we will need to pin our hopes on for wresting control of congress from the increasingly greedy Republicrats.

The old con man is quick to point out such boo boo’s as old Hillary’s “deplorables” and now Nancy’s “crumbs” comment on the middle class tax cuts.
As I’ve said before, those hapless Demoblicans seem to be our only chance at the moment, but if they don’t get their act together, and get some new and articulate leaders, we’re in a world of trouble.

I wish I could be a bit more positive, but the political outlook is sort of bleak. Hopefully, the marching ladies and a few good dudes will somehow get organized into positive groups to bring some logic and good to our electoral scene. The rest of us can at least ignore the “social media” foolishness which is now being made worse by those pesky Russian troll rascals. A tiny ray of hope on those Russkies: There’s been formed a “Committee to Investigate Russia,” with some former intel folks involved, and even old Rob Reiner as a sort of ad hoc spokesperson!

Try to hang in there, folks,

Ole Buster, and his aged pappy (on the new keys).

Blog 18-2-2 8 February 2018

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