Blog #150: I Love A Parade

Our great First Fool continues to surround himself with “his” Generals, talk about “rebuilding” our military, “honor” our troops and veterans, and advocate for nukes for all our allies. There seems to be no end to the lengths he is willing to go in order to cover up his draft-dodging back in the day. This cover-up is just one example of his con-artist wizardry. He’s a pro!

(Yes, we’re gonna have a Grand Parade, right down Pennsylvania Avenue, and I’ll be right there saluting the troops, just like the great patriot I am.

Just you wait, Little Rocket Man, you’ll see, my Tanks are bigger and better than yours, and I got all kinds of missiles and planes, too. Plus, I’m gonna sell all my pals some nukes. Then, y’all can blow each other to kingdom come over there, and leave my beloved America alone! We don’t need any of you creeps, anyway.)

The Pentagon, obedient to a fault, is preparing for the Grand Parade, with one minor concern. Will those 5,000 ton tanks tear up Pennsylvania Avenue?

Come on Doc, If this dude doesn’t have bats in his belfry, the Pope ain’t in Rome!

Will he get his wish, and shut the govamint down, again? Tune in tomorrow; at this very moment, good old Rand Paul is trying to help the old fool out. Senator Paul is holding the Senate floor in a long filibuster to bring attention to the ridiculous continuing resolution method of approving the govamint budgets, and he is presenting some very cogent arguments!

Come on pappy, we’re outta here.

Blog 18-2-3 8 February 2018

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