Blog #151: We Have A Crisis, but it ain’t “Constitutional.”

Good grief, keeping up with the “news” is becoming akin to flying a kite in a 90-mile-an-hour windstorm! I’m an early riser, so I got old pap up ‘cause I’m hungry already (it’s 4AM here in the Idyhoe desert, which is 6AM in New York where the Fox “news” crew is reminding us that Hillary has lost her few remaining marbles, and the rest of the “media” are asking who will protect Mr. Mueller). So, old pap is rapping away on the old Corona until it’s time to eat! YIKES! Whoopee, the old ‘puter just said, “It’s 5 o’clock.” Hey, pap, can we get something to eat now? Oh, those Fox Fools just said that the “White House” doesn’t want to fire Mr. Mueller, and that it wasn’t the President who fired Mr. McCabe (go figure). Another item hit the “news” this morning – last night there was a 4th “package” bombing in Austin, Texas. Unbelievable, a serial bombing situation is almost “buried” by all the “news” generated by you-know-who!

There was a collective sigh of relief when our old First Fool failed to attempt old Tricky Dick’s Saturday Nighty Massacre a few weeks ago, but the old rascal apparently thinks he can pull it off incrementally – firing old Rex, simply because he called a Moron a Moron, and now, Andy, in a mean-spirited manor, just because his wife was an old pal of “crooked Hillary.” BTW: Poor old Hillary, who, against all odds, found ways to lose the election, is back to embarrassing herself, commenting now that the Trump voters are xenophobic and misogynistic. That girl sure has a way with words…

Here is old John Brennan’s reaction to the latest “firings”:
“When the full extent of your venality, moral turpitude, and political corruption becomes known, you will take your rightful place as a disgraced demagogue in the dust bin of history.” John Brennan. By golly, old John nailed it! Poor old pap had to pull out his dog-eared (no pun intended) Funk and Wagnall, as well as Mr. Webster’s unabridged version to look up John’s unfamiliar , but beautifully accurate terms to describe our chubby old First Fool! John went on to say, “You may scapegoat Andy McCabe, but you will not destroy America…America will triumph over you.” (It can’t happen soon enough for me and old pap!)

Well, back to the subject matter: We have a crisis because Mr. Mueller is on the cusp of proving impeachable crimes on the part of the old Moron, which should make it a “constitutional” crisis. However, since the Republicrats controlling Congress are fearful of losing the 40% who are apparently still under the old fool’s con, they may refuse to impeach him, leaving old pious Pence still praying.
Leaving a madman with the power of the Presidency is not a viable option, so, what to do, what to do? Well, those old “Founding Fathers” (I’ll get back to them later on) gave us the perfect answer: “vote the bums out of office!” Which brings us to those feckless Demoblicans; if only they can pull themselves together! You danged fools are our only hope at the moment, so, please ignore your spineless leaders, and get behind those kids who will be “marching for their lives” this coming Saturday. Ya might even tell Nancy and Chuck they can hide behind the Bible: Isaiah 11:6 “and a child shall lead them.” Seriously, it seems a shame that our adults are so inept, but sometimes really bad things wind up pushing us to good actions. Which is the case with the horrible massacre at the Parkland High School, as well as all the clueless males abusing young ladies. Hopefully, the #Me Too ladies who have been marching will join the kids, stating clearly “We’re all fed up, and we ain’t gonna take it anymore!” We need more good old Amuricans speaking up in this manor to keep our democracy alive.

OK, so we hope you crazies in the DNC (yes, you loonies in what’s called the “Democratic National Committee) will come to your so-called senses. Look, at least 60% of us good old Amurican voters agree that we don’t want a loose-cannon madman in our storied old White House. Having recognized this fact, you guys still need to have a positive platform – bashing old Tronald Dump won’t cut it! So, try thinking something such as, “We can reduce the awful cost of “health care” by retraining doctors, and reining in the out-of-control Big Pharma. Another good idea for your “platform” might be to “establish a National Service System to: 1. get poor young folk out of our troubled inner cities, and let them work a few years to pay for Bernie’s “free” education. 2. give the wealthy kids a chance to get to know life as it really exists in our good old USofA, and 3. bring our youngsters together (as we once did in the military) so they can get to know and understand each other. You could even throw in a plan to use our good old Post Offices as community banks to provide an alternative to the horrible “payday loan” sharks. So, there’s a couple ideas for you to mull over – get busy in a POSITIVE manner, and stop flailing around trying to decide who you are!
(BTW: Everyone should “google” the “white house” sometime – guess it’s better than calling it the “President’s Palace,” as was once considered!

Ho Boy. This week, the Prez says he will fix the opioid crisis! Does that mean he’s gonna jail some of those Big Pharma drug pushers?

Come on pap, we need to embellish those ideas for those hapless Demoblicans!

Blog 18-3-1 19 March 2018


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  1. Indeed – it seems as if there is a week’s worth of a news cycle every four hours. I just hope our democracy is still standing come November. Keep fighting the good fight, ‘ol Bus!


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