Blog #152: Reality Show Morphing to Horror Show, Rapidly

Similar to an over-fed rodent, apparently feeling cornered, our old First Fool is clawing furiously, hiring (yet another) attorney, one who subscribes to conspiracy theories. Then, staid old John Dowd quits. Sure enough, General McMaster is replaced by bomb, bomb Iran Johnny Bolton (wasn’t that a song?) “Fake news” and good old Fox “News” have all sorts of theories on the old fool’s latest personnel changes, the only common thread being that they are all wrong! Yes, au contraire, y’all have no doubt forgotten, but I warned ya many moons ago that our blessed old Moron sees North Korea as his “Ace in the Hole.” Now, he has TWO ACES!

The old bad boy, whose rich daddy sent him to that fancy military school to “straighten him out” (that really worked wonderfully) heard tales about war and heroes, and gained a fondness for tough old generals. Of course, when he had an opportunity to actually go to war, he opted instead for four college passes and finally a mystical bone spur to dodge the draft. Now, he’s tired of “his” generals advising him that “war is hell,” and has surrounded himself with lunatics who will encourage him to use his “aces” in order to avoid Mr. Mueller’s report on his fake election. So, goodness, who could blame those spineless Republicrats for not wanting to replace our “Commander-in-Chief” at such a critical time as when we are at war?

Things weren’t chaotic enough by Friday morning, so the old loon tweeted that he would “shut the old govamint down again,” blaming the Demoblicans, naturally. The old rascal is a genius at hyperbole! All this imbecility might be viewed as just plain silly if it weren’t so serious. Obviously, another war would be disastrous, but the harm being done to our fabric of life here in the good old USofA is also vile. More on this subject tomorrow – Blog 18-3-3 (One Dangerous Dude).

Please everyone, join the kids in their “MARCH FOR OUR LIVES!” Again, showing his courage and lack of fear of the NRA, Tronald is “sitting out” the march, preferring instead to harass some poor old golfers down at Mara Lago.

Oh, BTW, he didn’t veto the awful govamint funding bill because he needed to help our military, but he’ll “never do it again!” Let’s hope those simple-minded Demoblicans don’t give him the chance!

Come on pappy, We got to join those brave kids down at the Capitol Building.
Blog 18-3-2 24 March 2018

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