Blog #153: One Dangerous Dude

Yep, old Tronald Dump, the impostor, is more than an extremely “talented” con man. You may have seen some of the old movies about “funny” cons, but this dude is deadly serious, and very dangerous. The wars he might get us into would be disastrous, but the horrid damage he is doing daily to our fabric of life here in the good old USofA is the work of a monstrous madman, and is a slow, methodical form of torture and potential calamity.

There was a recent report of two “MAGA” moms being arrested in Tempe, Arizona for taking their very young children to a Mosque to teach the kids to hate these awful people and deface their property. This behavior is of course very sick, but it is the kind of attitude being fostered by our “president” in his “rallies” against all people and things “unamurican!” Unfortunately, our old first fool has lived a con for most of his entire life, so he is expert at deceiving people, and since we don’t meet too many of this type character, we tend to dismiss the harm they can do. Millions of people believe the bunk he passes out, and as in the case of the MAGA moms, may act hideously based on his implied advice.

“It is remarkable to hear religious leaders defend profanity, ridicule, and cruelty as hallmarks of authenticity and dismiss decency as a dead language. President Trump’s presidency has coarsened our culture, given permission for bullying, complicated the moral formation of children, undermined standards of public integrity, and encouraged cynicism about the political enterprise. His tribalism and hatred for ‘the other’ stand in direct opposition to Jesus’ radical ethic of neighbor love. Jerry Falwell Jr., Franklin Graham, and others are providing religious cover for moral squalor – winking at trashy behavior and encouraging the unraveling of social restraints. These evangelical leaders have ceased to be moral leaders in any meaningful sense.” – Michael Gerson in The Atlantic

Even an old hound doggie, with olfactory receptors second only to the Blood Hound, couldn’t describe this situation better!

BTW: The NRA says yesterday’s marches were backed by violent radicals.

Blog 18-3-3 25 March 2018

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