Blog #155: TG for old “Mad Dog” Mattis

Had the old “Boy” had his way, he’d have started WWIII to distract our attention from his “Mueller” investigation. BTW: He calls Jim Comey a “slime ball;” sounds as though he’s practicing his famed “psychological projection” again. Mr. Comey certainly has his faults, but he can probably be excused for his questionable lack of candor in responding to Trump’s request to “drop the Russia “thing.” After all, it is difficult for any of us to believe we have elected such an untruthful and mentally malformed human being to the highest office in our land. Those who watch good old Fox “news” will want to incarcerate Comey immediately, but then these poor people are indeed living on another Planet (more on this theory another day).

Nikki Haley told the UN that this (our current) president “enforces his “red” lines,” and the US is “locked and loaded” in case Syria again uses chemicals. The old fool must have picked up that term during his “military service” in that fancy NY school (the one his old pappy thought might “straighten him out”). So, gosh, for a guy who complains about old “W” a lot, the Moron sure likes to quote him: first, “Scotty, you’re doing a fantastic job,” and then, “mission accomplished.” Will someone please get this guy into a hospital before he does more harm.

My old pappy got his taxes done early (today) this year, and he doesn’t mind paying his fair share, but he does flinch a bit at supporting this creep at 1600 PA Ave. Of course, we probably should be thankful he stayed “home” this past weekend instead of wasting another couple million bucks going down to Mara Lago, making a miserable weekend for the golfers down there.

My bad, should not be wasting time grumbling about this disgraceful situation (odd, that’s what the prez called it, but he was referring to Mr. Cohen’s FBI raid) which has no solution other than a Demoblican rescue of Congress from the now principles-challenged Republicrats. We still need to get those Demobs more focused on the positive, but at least their “ads” seem to be much more up-beat. The Repub “ads” lately tend to be really ugly and mean-spirited. Yikes!
BTW, and very interesting: The Judge (bless her heart) tells Cohen and Trump’s lawyer. “I’m directing you to disclose the name now!” Turns out Cohen’s third “mystery” client is none other than one of Fox “News’ fair and balanced reporters,” Sean Hannity!”

Try to hang in there, folks, we’re back to working on the platform for the better guys. Bus and ole pap.

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