Blog #156: Dang, foiled again!

First: This morning we are all remembering Barbara Bush, by all accounts, a cool, special lady! May she rest in peace.


Ho, Ho, we thought the Moron was gonna miss a weekend in Mara Lago, but, au contraire, he invited ole Abe of Japan down for afternoon tea yesterday.  Abe is having his own problems with scandals back home, but they pale in comparison to old Tronald and his cabinet members’ wasteful habits. Not particularly helpful either, some of the few remaining fiscally conservative Republicrats are resigning their seats in the congress. Annual deficits in the past will begin to look like chump change, by the time we get rid of this administration.

Now, the old fool is out there reselling his Big Beautiful tax cut, and his “approval” rating is all the way up to 40%. As I warned y’all back in ’14 when I began this crazy “blog,” we must do better with our education system. The fact that approximately the same 40% of our population are regularly watching the Fox “news” phonies speaks volumes about the lack of critical thinking among many of our misinformed compatriots!

The Fox tv channels have spread more disinformation than all the Russian hackers and Facebook combined. Old “tell-it-like-it-ain’t and always leave ‘em guessing Rupert Murdock got control of 20th Century Fox a couple of decades ago, and got it to the status of “most watched” tv network in total viewership during the 2007/2008 season. By coincidence, the start date of the 2008 financial meltdown and the stock market crash followed Fox’s rise to prominence.  Similarly, in August 2006, the International Astronomical Union downgraded poor old Pluto to the status of “Dwarf Planet.” All pure coincidence? There is certainly evidence that persons viewing Fox “news” on a regular basis appear to be living on another “Planet.” Could that Planet be Pluto, angry and demented as those Fox “news” hosts?

Please, save us, Bernie and Elizabeth. Oh, that there were a few more of you!

PS: The Monday “news” was “did she or didn’t she?” No, not Stormy…. we’re all wondering if Nikki Haley was confused about sanctions on Russia. She says she doesn’t get confused…guess our old flipper-in-chief changed his mind…again.
“Oh, yeah, and what’s this Gorsuch guy doing stabbing me in the back??”

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  1. “The Fox tv channels have spread more disinformation than all the Russian hackers and Facebook combined.” Hear, hear, Bus! You hit the nail on the head! God help us . . .


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