Blog #167: You Goofy Demoblicans; Get a Grip

Old pap and I give you poor souls a handful of suggestions, and what do ya do? Yer calling for ICE to be eliminated; you simple-minded guys are making it way too easy for the sly old Moron to make ya look foolish!

If you would just do your homework, you’d know that ICE was formed about 15 years ago to fight criminal gangs such as MS-13, and that mission is still valid. What you need to do is just point out how the Moron’s Administration has misused the agency, and demand it be left alone to do it’s original work.

Now, on immigration: First, get out there with all the good people demonstrating today against the Moron’s actions, and help them, encourage them to VOTE this November, and recruit them to run for offices and stop the Moron!

Next, put forth an immigration bill that the Moron can’t, or at least shouldn’t veto; make it real simple, just using his own “path to citizenship” for the DREAMERS, and give him a few $Billion for his WALL, AND/OR BORDER PROTECTION ITEMS. We do need to secure the border enough to safely control immigration. Then, if he and/or his coconspirators stop your bill, at least you have tried your best, and when you regain our Congress in November, you can take care of the DACA kids one way or another!

For goodness sakes, read and think about my “ideas for saving our good old USofA,” and use what you can to PROJECT A POSITIVE MESSAGE!

Like it or not, you hapless characters are our only hope to save, not only our nation, but most likely, the rest of the world, as well.

Come on pappy, these guys are a load; we need our nap.

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