Blog #168: Earth to DNC…Earth to DNC

Ho Boy, what’d I tell you guys, just yesterday? Of course, you didn’t listen! Then, what’d the Moron do? He roped ya to “SOFT ON THE BORDER!” This morning, even old “Meet the Press” Chuck Todd was wondering about your competence, if not your sanity! Please, join your supporters out in the streets, and just shout out their POSITIVE MESSAGES.

You guys really can’t be blamed for not wanting to bring up mandatory National Service yet because a lot of “better off” folks don’t want their little darlings rubbing shoulders with “the unwashed masses.” Even accumulating a little bit of money can affect your brain processes. Howsomever, you can still promote the concept, and setting up a Civilian Peace Corps system for getting the poor kids, white, black, brown, or whatever, out of the sorry situations in our inner cities (and rural areas, as well)….Just use our National Service Plan without making it mandatory. Once people, especially those in similar circumstances as the rebellious young Trump’s pappy found himself, see how well it works, they’ll jump on board so fast it’ll make your head swim! Even if they have TOO MUCH MONEY, they won’t have to send their brats to one of those really expensive, and seldom successful, military boarding schools. (O:

Come on, you foolish old Demoblicans, get on board with the positive vibes of your young troops, and WIN ELECTIONS ALL OVER THIS FALL!

We’re all counting on ya, you rascals,

Buster and pals. (I was gonna say “friends,” but that’s what those monsters on
Fox “news” say. How can those fools have “friends?”


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