A former ICE Acting Director was being interviewed on tv, and when asked about some Demoblicans calling for abolishing ICE, his response was about how the Agency was doing a good job of stopping the criminal gang activity, but the Trump Administration had redirected it’s efforts to stopping the immigrants, voicing what should be the Demoblican rally call, ABOLISH TRUMP, NOT ICE!

Good old Demoblicans, please wake up and smell our good old USofA burning down! Face facts: The Moron is going to Russia to seek old Putin’s help, again, in helping him keep the Repubs in charge to save his worthless butt. Of course, no one in the Administration or the Republicrat Congress is worried about the Russian interference in our elections, they are all encouraging it! Which means that your work is cut out for ya! They are stacking the deck against you and the rest of us.

As old pap and I have been encouraging you, stop giving the Moron “talking points” with your gaffes. When you say things such as, “Abolish ICE,” the old fool cleverly turns it into, “Democrats want anarchy, amnesty, & chaos; Republicans want law & order and justice.” So, please, if you can’t think before you speak, shut up!!

Then, get out there with the kids from the Parkland school, calling for sensible Gun rules, the TEACHERS revolting against lousy pay and working conditions, the Me Too ladies, sick and tired of abuse by monsters like the Moron, the poor Black Ladies stuck in the ghettos of our inner cities, without husbands because the young men are discouraged and hurting (these gals will love you if you can get their kids into a National Service Program with a future), and anyone else who has almost lost all hope due to the Moron’s horrendous acts. All these people will vote to oust the slimy devils in the Tronald Dump sphere! Just get your POSITIVE MESSAGE to them. See Blog 18/6/2!

Remember, the Moron has only been able to con less than 40% of our citizens, whose fears he has capitalized on for his dastardly purposes. Of course, he doesn’t care a whit about them; he’s just a horribly narcissistic con artist. So, do not blame them, which will only help the scumbag; keep quiet except for encouraging the other 60+% of us to get out and VOTE for your candidates!

The ACLU recently said, “Vote like your rights depend on it.” Old pap and I say, “VOTE AS IF YOUR LIFE DEPENDS ON IT!” BECAUSE IT DOES!!

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