Blog #170: Please! Rally, Demoblicans/Oh, Tronald

Old pap was out East for the last month, so without my chief, and only, typist, I’ve had some time to noodle. First, I’ve been begging you sad sack Demoblicans to pull yourselves together, seems like, forever, but yer still fumbling about! Look, this ain’t rocket science. Just embrace old Bernie and young Alexandria, AND, as I’ve asked ya before, explain “socialism and capitalism” to the folks. These, of course, are just financial concepts and neither is inherently bad or good. We have many examples of “socialism” in very favorable practice right now here in our good old USofA, such as our police and fire departments, our public schools, as well as help for seniors, social security and medicare, but it gets it’s unhappy reputation because of the word being associated with “communism,” which is more of a political concept. “Capitalism” on the other hand has a pretty good rep among us Amuricans because it is an efficient way of gathering capital or resources for building businesses. It also, though, has a very ugly side, as when some bankers and other ner-do-wells take great liberties with other peoples’ money, and then cause big financial crashes as happened last in 2008. So, you all need to ‘splain this stuff to our fellow voters, and, BTW, you need to help me and old pap advise Bernie and Alexandria to temper their messages with a tad more fiscal conservatism, the sensible concept that even the GOP has abandoned!
So, you rascals need to get out and get all your Demob voters, independents and libertarians, plus anyone else who may be hoping to see our good old USofA (and our dear planet earth, for that matter) stick around for future generations. Mr. Putin, Prez. Trump, and his Republicrat henchmen are all planning to hijack our voting systems and democracy in the upcoming midterms, so, this ain’t no fire drill, it’s the real McCoy! BTW: It is not that difficult – At this year’s DefCon hackathon, more than 30 children were able to hack into mock election systems in short amounts of time. Y’all better be ready, The crisis is here!

Now, a word on poor old Tronald Dump, a term of endearment used by his former business partners due to his habit of “dumping” his bankruptcies on them, and leaving them “holding the bag,” as the old saying goes. Of course, there is no way on God’s, at least for the time being, green earth that the old fool can be excused for his dastardly treatment of women (and anyone else who fails to honor his rabid need for approval. He can, however, be forgiven (though not allowed dozens of mulligans) respecting his unfortunate mental state. If you recall, I diagnosed the man, years ago, with EPPS (Excessive Potty Praise Syndrome), but he’s gotten progressively worse in recent years. Apparently, and, implausibly, you Demoblicans are his only hope for ever getting help!

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