Blog #171: No Politics Today, Please!

Ole pap and I figured everyone could stand a little comic relief, though our political scene certainly presents us with plenty of comic tragedy on a regular schedule, and of course, this November will not be politics as usual. It’s really shaping up to be a referendum on whether or not our dear old USofA is to remain a democracy, or will devolve into an authoritarian oligarchy!

Anywho, we’ve been made aware that some of our wealthier neighbors may be having trouble employing all their windfall gains from the BIGGEST TAX CUT IN HISTORY! Funeral directors, rushing to their rescue, are touting $60,000 Gold plated Promethean caskets ferried by horse drawn carriages or Rolls-Royce hearses, or perhaps ships pushed out to sea like the Viking warriors and set ablaze. Those nearing the end of their stay here on our beloved Earth are even flying their relatives to exotic locales for DESTINATION FUNERALS as a sort of last measure to impress their friends. What a quaint idea!

Then, for those of us not burdened by excessive wealth, there are the new designer products which just a small amount of spare cash will allow. Old pap’s recent trip to our local Whole Foods store turned up real organic choices in everything from apricots and bananas to paint thinners (well, we may be exaggerating just a tad there at the end). Also, your fav deodorant can be had in the “original,” but also designated “high endurance!” Presumably, one can stretch the “24 hour guarantee” a tad if absolutely necessary.

Wow, when speaking of spiffy product offerings, ole pap saw a recent tv ad speaking to the ladies about “deep” cleansers for your face. Being always on the lookout for products to keep his youthful persona intact, he also checked this stuff out at the Whole Foods market. Sure enough they have such cleansers, even some made specifically for men, which the salesperson naturally pointed out to him. Being the old frugal beancounter, old pap asked to see the “regular,” or “ladies” version. Well, turns out the “mens” package was half the size of the other, and twice the price. Holy lizards, Batman, they really recognize how stupid most of us fellers can be!

Here’s the “coup de grace:” new polls show that women would prefer not to be seen with their partner while he’s wearing a form-fitting, Speedo-style bathing suit.  Thanks, girls, against all odds, you may cause us boys to “thimk!”

Next week, back to reality, Bus and old pap.

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