Blog #172: Holy Psychodrama, Batman!

Seems the smoke has begun to clear a bit from Monday’s exciting events, and now the “media” endlessly attempts to analyze the consequences. Amidst speculation of what it all means for our illustrious leader, good old Fox news and their legions of devotees stand by their man, with cool hand Hannity and a few West Virginians still shouting, “Lock HER up!” Those sufficiently “conned” by old Tronald are not about to admit they were tricked; haven’t ya ever acted in some manner or made a purchase which later turned out to be, putting it mildly, not too bright? Well, most human beans in such circumstances are not too proud of themselves, and thus will try to avoid public disclosure, or admission. So, we really can’t call people who have been “bamboozled” nasty names such as dear old Hillary infamously did back in ’16. Better to acknowledge that we are all merely “human!” Thus, while Prez. Trump vehemently maintains he’s done nothing wrong, one does wonder if “birds of a feather” still tend to flock together.

Which brings us to another “trending” topic; should poor old Andrew Cuomo be crucified for speaking some truth? Quote: “America was never that great” is dubbed a gaffe in some circles. It’s a shame he’s apologizing for that comment. Just ask the native Americans who were massacred and/or relegated to “reservations” by those early foreigners, or the Africans and others brought here into slavery, or, perhaps, the many immigrants to follow and be maligned and denied opportunity for many years. Our horrible civil war was, of course, not so “great” either, although history revisionists are now calling it a war to end slavery. It is truly amazing how much ignorance of our history exists among our citizenry, especially considering that we have free “education” for 12 years in all states of the Union! There actually have been very rare instances when one could say that our good old USofA has been what we might call, “great.” One such time was when we “whupped old Hitler” as some folk like to say, although we had lots of help in that endeavor. Possibly, even more unusual and outstanding was our rebuilding of European nations, including the former enemy, Germany! The aftermath of WWII was also a “great” period ushered in by the “GI Bill” which for the first time allowed large numbers of people to prosper and see some dispersal of wealth among a larger population, creating a viable “middle class.”

There is no question that the grand ideas of liberty and equality espoused by the founding “fathers” in establishing our nation were indeed lofty and are enshrined in our Constitution, but our execution on those principles has been spotty at best.

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