Blog #173: John McCain Commentary

This morning, most of the news channels were speaking of John McCain in very glowing terms for his dedicated service over many years to our good old USofA. Fox “News,” on the other hand was parroting Prez Trump’s bunk about the FBI failing to properly investigate “thousands of Hillary’s emails.”

Donald Trump criticizes military veteran and Senator John McCain, saying, “He’s not a war hero. He’s a war hero because he was captured. I like people that weren’t captured.” (Video: Reuters, Photo: AFP/Getty)
Copyright © 2018, Chicago Tribune. This quote was from the 2016 Republicrat primary, and is one of Trump’s most scurrilous campaign attacks. His comments were bad enough, but coming from a notorious draft dodger, they’re ludicrous. When the young moron ran out of college deferments, his Dad’s Doctor found a tiny bone spur to call him “4F.”

Old pap and I are convinced that this mentally unstable fellow has only one brain cell working; we call it, “The Con Artistry Cell! Using that one cell expertly, the man is able to take a tiny grain of truth and twist it into the biggest fib imaginable, and then sell it to vulnerable people. Currently, he is insisting that if he were to be impeached, the stock market would collapse, and all our 401K plans would be worthless. Now, the fact is that the Stock Market has already been buoyed up way past a reasonable level by the corporate tax cuts and speculation. So, any dramatic event might cause a reversal. Hopefully, it won’t be as bad as 2008 because, as we’ve said many times, the government has very few tools left to combat such a crisis.

As most of us are unhappily aware, our current “president” has somehow conned a large portion of our misinformed citizens. The larger problem is that this miserable fellow is really just a pawn of some of our ultra-wealthy citizens. These relatively few super-rich folk are expending huge amounts to insure their fortunes remain intact and continue growing exponentially. The awful dynamics of our current Congress are exacerbating the immense inequality of incomes and wealth suffocating our dear old nation! Hopefully, enough of us will get out and vote in November to change that situation.

Anyway, notwithstanding Mr. T’s distorted opinion, old John McCain is receiving the outpouring of love and admiration to which he is so amply deserving. He has been truly an American Hero.

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